Fiction- A ghost like a MAN.

it is said that there morning arose at night after 12pm and they can see everyone but our eyes cant reach out there.


1. First night in the hotel.

It was a winter weekend when me and 2 more colleagues went to Jaipur in Rajasthan , India for office work.there we reached in evening around 6 and was roaming around to get a shelter for a  night ,that was not much populated areas, but after walking miles long we found a guest house.A single bulb was hanging there and was moving to and fro with the wind. as we entered we found that guest house was totally empty and a old man sitting on the reception welcomed us. me john and my friends Sam and Ali went to him and i asked him"can we get a room to stay for a night here?"

the old man in his vibrant voice replied "sure sir, you are the find guest in this whole month."

suddenly Ali asked "why ,why don't guys com here to stay in such a nice place and that being a historical place too."

the man replied "sir guys do come here but don't stay for long."

we all were very much tired and felt bit relaxed as at-least we got any room.we all were hungry and soon wanted something to enter out  to out stomach.

soon we took a room and got freshen up and ordered dinner for us, but then thought to have dinner downstairs only as there was no one and we can enjoy food with a movie.

while we were having the dinner suddenly the watch gave the bang noise indicating that was 11pm.

soon we realized  that we should  go to bed as we have to go out next day for hunting and site visit.all of us said good bye and moved to our rooms.i was bit tired but was not getting sleep as that was a new place,so i took out a novel that was kept in the room Almirah, and started reading it.that novel was about the other world where they exist but cant be seen with our eyes. they can be just felt.

i was reading that novel that was on the ghost but i don't believe in such stupid things, so was also laughing on the things written.

i suddenly thought to check if my friends are asleep or what so moved out to check them.i went to Ali's room and called his name..but didn't got any i thought might be they had slept.i came back and went to wash room to wash my face.when i came back and checked the time,it was 1.15 of the middle night.i was about to switch off the light but suddenly saw a small pamphlet dragged under my room door, and i was shocked who gave this. I jumped out of my bed to check who did this but when i reached out i didn't saw any one and that was as silent as before.then i thought it  must be Sam who must be joking with me. i picked up that book and opened  it and saw the heading "welcome to our world"..........

i started reading it and found interesting, bit funny too as that was the steps to meet ghosts.!!!!!!!!!!!


that even gave me more interest as those were relating to non existing species and in whom i dont believe.

i kept on reading and suddenly thought to try this......




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