One Direction Imagines

I am doing Imagines for anyone and everyone.


2. Harry and Cher

Harry was at cher's house and he saw a fat shit waiting outside cher's house he was puzzled at first and he kept thinking why a fat shit was outside cher's house.

"oi you fat shit why the fuck are you outside my bae's house? Harry said

"because I love her." Luke said

"Bye then move your fucked up self outta my way" Harry said

"Why should I?" luke asked

"because your a fucking crap fat shit little mother fucker" Harry said

" Well I aint moving" Luke said

"move!" Harry said

"Make me." luke said

"glad too" Harry said

eventually Harry grabbed luke and started to punch him and luke kept threating harry.

"if you punch me one more god damn time I will call the police." luke said

"Like i'm scared of the police. I'm in one direction the police wont arrest me THE harry styles they'll arrest you the werid luke webb who no one likes" Harry said

"They will arrest you. I mean they arrested Justin bieber." Luke said

"Justin bieber is an absolute prat and no one likes him apart from niall but that's niall." Harry said

"okay whatever." Harry said

"HARRY!" Cher exclaimed

"Hi cher." Luke said

"Fat shit" Cher said

Then cher and harry got into harrys car and drove off the fat shit stayed there looking like a goofball and a loner and an absolute loser who thinks that he is so hard when he isn't.

part two of cher and harry coming soon.

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