Feel it, Breathe it, Live it... the power of staying STRONG.


1. Strong

     It may hurt, but it's worth it. 

     It's worth the thy gap,

                           the skinny waist,

                           the small arms,

                           the size on that T-shirt that says XS,

                           the feeling you get when your the skinniest person in the room,

                           the collar bones,

                           the beautifully structured chin,

                           the boyfriend,

                           the people in your houses love,

                           the popularity,

                           and the self- achievement... 


               My mind tells me to keep moving on,

                     that I would rather be rewarded than punished as a human being,

                     that I can finally control myself/ I'm not in a Dystopian-like mind anymore,

                     I can be in whatever mind I want and choose,

                    I can finally escape from the old body I used to be/ the body the government officials (parents) mocked,

                   My step mother would be envious and finally shameful of herself,

                   I would be perfect,

                   It's called having will power...

                   Being strong.


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