My best friend. [C.H]

Riley White has been friends with Calum Hood since they were both in diapers, So for about 17 years. Through those 17 year Riley developed some interesting feelings toward Calum, But never had the courage to tell him. Until One night one Calum's 18th Birthday.


16. Chapter Sixteen


       Riley's P.O.V

    Once we got back to Luke's house we were all sitting in the living room except Michael who went to the bathroom.

"So Alyssa, What do you think of Michael.." I asked breaking the silence. She smiled and said. "He seems like a very nice guy and hes pretty cute."

"You too are so cute together." Zoey spoke up. "Yea I agree Ash said. Alyssa covered her face with her hands and smiled. Michael came back to the Living room and sat on the arm of Alyssa's chair since there was no where else to sit.

"What did I miss?" He asked. Alyssa looked up at him and smiled. "Nothing much just casual chatting." Michael nodded. Okay I so have to do this....

"I'll be back i'm going to get some water.." I said. I walked by the Chair Michael was sitting on and pushed him sightly so he lost his balance and fell over onto Alyssa's lap.

"Um..hi." I heard Michael say to Alyssa. "Hi." She replied.

       Michael's P.O.V

    I looked up at Alyssa and smiled. Damn.. Why did she have to be so cute.

"Your really comfortable." I said laughing softly. "And your really warm." She said back. we both laughed. I got a little more comfortable by cuddling up to her a little more. She laid her arms across my stomach and yawned.

"Getting tired?" I asked and she nodded. Riley walked back out of the kitchen and smiled at me when she walked passed and sat back in between Luke and Calum. I looked back up at Alyssa and saw that her eyes were closed, Probably sleeping or close to falling asleep. I shook her lightly and her eyes opened.

"Do you want to sleep here tonight?" I asked and she nodded. "Okay, Come on." I got up to take her to my bed, I had no problem sleeping on the couch. She lifted her arms up. "Carry me?" She said. I smiled and lifted her up bridle style and carried her to the guest room I was staying in. I out her on the bed and covered her up.

"I will be down the hall if you need me." I said. "are you going to sleep in here?" She asked.

"Nope." I said. "Aww No cuddles?" She said. Now I know she is tired or she probably would have never said that to my face. I laughed a little. "Goodnight" "Goodnight." she replied. I closed the door and walked back into the living room.

"Crap!" Riley said looking at her phone. "What?" Calum said. "I have to go back to work early in the morning and it's late." She sighed. "I should probably go to bed." She stood up. "Goodnight guys."

"Wait, I'm coming to." Calum said following after her. "Why?"

"Because I want Cuddles." He said and smiled. 

"Okay." she said and they walked to their room.

       Calum's P.O.V

     We got to our rooms and Riley put her hair up in a messy bun which was hot.

"Turn around or leave for a few minutes." She said.

"Why do I have to turn around?" I pouted. She rolled her eyes "You know why." She said

"Okay." I said putting my hands up in defeat. I turned around. I peaked trough my fingers at her. she was getting changed into pajama's. When she was done she turned around and saw me.

"Calum!" She yelled throwing her balled up clothes at me. I laughed and threw it back at her. She dodged it and fell onto the bed laughing.

"Your so cute." I said. "So are you." she replied. I started getting changed into my pajama's now. Which was a blue pair or pajama pants and no shirt. I got into bed and cuddled up to her.

"Im sorry you have to work tomorrow." I said.

"Hmm. It's fine." She said. "Well, goodnight Cal."

"Goodnight babe." I said. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before burring her face in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her. And listened to her soft breathing as she slowly fell asleep. Just like I did so long ago at my birthday, except for this one just felt better.. before I knew it I had fallen Asleep. 

     The next morning when I woke up Riley was not there. I hope I didn't miss her. I hopped out of bed and looked for her. She was in the bathroom Dressed, fixing her hair.

"Good Morning Babe." I said and walking into the bathroom with her.

"Morning Cal." She said. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her into me and started kissing her. I love kissing her. We stood in the bathroom Kissing for about 3 minutes -which was great- Before she pulled away. "I have to leave for work." She said. I slouched my shoulders. "Aww..."

"Can I drive you?" I asked and she nodded "Sure."

     After I dropped Riley off at work I stopped by a store to grab some breakfast sandwiches and orange juice for Michael, Ashton, Luke, Alyssa, and me. Since i'm pretty sure the other girls went home. I walked inside and everyone was sitting in the living room watching Netflix.

"Morning everybody, I just dropped Riley off at work." I said and no one said anything. "And I brought back food." everyone looked at me, typical.. I laid the bag on the table and grabbed my food.

"After breakfast I should probably get home." Alyssa said.

"Alright I will drive you." Michael said.

"It was mice havping moo over." Luke said with a full mouth. Alyssa laughed. "Thanks for having me over, It was fun." She said. 

 I threw the last bite of foo in my mouth and got up to shower. "I'm going to go shower." I said walking to the bathroom.

       Alyssa's P.O.V

     After I finished my breakfast Me and Michael walked out to a car and he drove me home.

"Hey thanks for driving me." I said. "No problem, it's not like I was going to let you walk." MIchael said. "I would have been fine walking, I walk everywhere. I don't have a car yet." I answered. "Oh, Well I will give you a ride when ever you need one." He said smiling at me.

"Thanks Mikey.." I said. "Well this is my stop. He pulled up my drive way and parked. "Thanks again." I said I opened my door and started to get out. 

"Wait!" Michael said before I could get out. "Yea Mikey." I answered.

"Uh.. Are you maybe... free next Wednesday." He said and bit his lip. "Yeah why?" I asked my heart beating faster. "would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked. I smiled and Nodded. "Yes I would Like to." "Great see you then." I walked up to my porch and waved to him. I'm so exited!

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