My best friend. [C.H]

Riley White has been friends with Calum Hood since they were both in diapers, So for about 17 years. Through those 17 year Riley developed some interesting feelings toward Calum, But never had the courage to tell him. Until One night one Calum's 18th Birthday.


7. Chapter Seven.


      I was sitting on the couch next to Ashton almost shaking I was so nervous. I don't Know why, we are best friends but.... I-I don't know I just am. then I heard a knock on the door. I looked up it was Calum and Micheal. Calum was dressed up in his tux he wore on his birthday. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi." I said getting up off the couch and giving him a quick hug.

"Let me go put my stuff in my room and we will go." He said then stopped. "Where is my room?" He asked Luke.

"Haha, funny story. I sorta ran out of rooms in my house so I thought you and Riley could share a room." Luke said scratching the back of his head. I looked over at Calum smiling witch made my cheeks turn red.

"Um, yea that's fine." Calum said looking over at me and I nodded. He walked up stairs and I breathed in looking down at my hands. Then I felt a pair of hands around me, I looked up and saw Ashton hugging me.

"Your going to be fine, just be yourself, you guys are still best friends." He said giving me a reassuring smile. I smiled and Calum walked back down stairs.

"Ready?" He asked. I nodded and we walked towards the door. I looked back on saw Luke and Ashton giving me to thumbs up which made me smiled. Then me and Cal walked out to the car. I sat in the passenger side not making eye contact with Calum but i could tell me was looking at me.

"Is something wrong." He asked taking my chin in between his thumb and pointer finger making me look at him.

"No everything's fine." I said smiling.

"Alright." He said starting the car. "What movie do you wanna see?" He asked.

"I was thinking mocking Jay." I said. "You know the newest hunger games."

" Yeah! That would be nice. Iv'e wanted to see that for a while." He said and smiled. It made me laugh who exited he was. Maybe Ashton was right, I really don't have anything to worry about.

      We walked out of the movie theater laughing our butts off and holding hands. It was a great movie but we didn't really watch it. We were laughing to hard, and we were laughing at nothing! It was great. At one point we almost got kicked out of the theater because we were disrupting the movie. Once we got in the car we both stopped laughing.

"So where to now?" I asked.

"Out to dinner, To Olive pit. (Just a random name)

"Oh yay." I said and we drove out of the parking lot of the theater and started diving to the restaurant. 

      We got to the restaurant and found a table in the back. we already ordered and it should be coming whenever.

:Ya know, I don't remember the last time we went out to eat." Calum said looking around then at me.

"Yea it's been a while, and we were with my mum." I said and he laughed.

"Oh yea." He said. "Ha, She thought we were dating then to. aah good times." He said, I was now laughing to. Just then our food came. we both got spaghetti. we started eating and we got done a little while later, Then the guy brought the check.

"Oh, I got it." I said. Reaching for it.

"No I got it." Calum said grabbing it before I could. He put the money on the tray and we started talking.

"Can I tell tell you something." He said.

"Sure what is it." I said looking at him.

"Um, I now this is a little cheesy, but lately I have fallen for my best friend." He said. My eyes were about to pop out of my head.

"So, I was wondering if you would be my , girl friend." He said Smiling nervously.


CLIFFHANGER!! Ohhh I wonder what will happen.

I owe you guys alot of chapters and i promise I will get them done soon it's just school is coming back and I have other school works to do. But i am going to try and get at least another half one down tonight! Alright that's all bye!  

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