My best friend. [C.H]

Riley White has been friends with Calum Hood since they were both in diapers, So for about 17 years. Through those 17 year Riley developed some interesting feelings toward Calum, But never had the courage to tell him. Until One night one Calum's 18th Birthday.


4. Chapter Four.


   Me and Calum walked through the door. It was quiet, it is never quiet.

"Calum why is it so quiet.?" I asked seriously wanting to know.

"I dunno." He said. 

"Im-" I was cut off.

"RILEY!!" Ashton and Michael screamed running down the hall way and jumping on me. In a matter of seconds I was on the floor. 

"Ha ha. Hi guys, Could you maybe get off of me." I said laughing a bit.

"Nope." Michael said stretching out on me.

"Ugh, what do you want." I said

"A nap." He said.

"I'm going to punch you." I said.

"Okay, Okay I'm up." He said. Calum was laughing, he was almost on the ground. I got up off the floor and brushed myself off.

"We were just about to go swimming. wanna join?" Michael asked.

"Well I would love to, But I don't have a suit." I said in a duh tone.

"You left your last one here." Ashton said with a smirk. My eyes popped open.

"You are really going to make me wear that." I said.

"It's in the bathroom." Ashton said.

"Ugh." I rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom and changed into the swim suit.

    I looked into the mirror. Last time I wore this all the boys couldn't stop looking at me. It was a small Purple bikini, I didn't like it. I put my hair into a messy bun and put on my shades.

"I seriously need a tan." I said before I walked out. Once I got out all the boys looked at me. I rolled my eyes and sat down on a chair in between Calum and Luke and sprawled out.

"Wow you look great." Calum said.

"Yea I'm sure I look like a super model." I said sarcastically. Then my phone buzzed. It was a text from my dad. It read 'Hey Riley sorry for leaving you like this but we got a emergency call from your grandma In America. We will be back in 3 to 4 weeks.'

"Wow." I said. "Well I guess i'm stuck with you guys for a few weeks." I said.

"Why?" Michael screamed from the pool.

"Because my dad left for a few weeks." I answered he nodded then got dunked under by Ashton.

"Well then I guess this is a better time than ever to ask." Calum said looking over at me, He smiled nervously.

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked. my eyes widened. Did he just ask me out..


OMG DID CALUM JUST DO WHAT I THINK HE DID?!? I wonder what my answer will be.... If you guys like it don't forget to like it. it really means a lot to me.


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