My best friend. [C.H]

Riley White has been friends with Calum Hood since they were both in diapers, So for about 17 years. Through those 17 year Riley developed some interesting feelings toward Calum, But never had the courage to tell him. Until One night one Calum's 18th Birthday.


11. Chapter Eleven.


      Riley's P.O.V

   I got out of the shower, got dressed and dried my hair. I was wearing a Dark grey Nirvana Shirt and some black shorts with rips at the thighs.

    After I dried my hair I let it curl down my back. I put my usual white beanie in, But today I thought I would mix it up and put on some makeup. I put on a light coating of mascara and a pick lip gloss. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I walked down stairs and saw, Nobody. I walked around a little bit

"Hello, HELLO!" I said walking around a little. as I got closer to the kitchen I heard Music. Sounded Like 5Sos Music. I walked into the garage and saw Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael play their instruments and singing.

"Simmer down, Simmer down they say were to young now to amount to anything else, But look around, we worked to Damn hard for this just to give up now If you don't swim you'll drowned, but don't move honey..." Luke started. Then Calum joined in

"You look so perfect standing their in my American apparel Underwear, and I know now that I'm so down..."

    When the song ended I was smiling.

"You still have this old set up?" I asked. everyone jumped and turned around.

"Oh I didn't even notice you there." Ashton said. I laughed an walked in.

"Yea I remember this spot, you guys used to practice every day here..." I said walking up to a microphone. Everyone was silent for a while.

"Hey Riley. you want to sing a little.?" Luke asked.

"Oh No! I'm Fine." I said, even thought I wanted to.

"Yea, I bet you sound really good." Calum said.

"Ugh fine. I will sing your song VooDoo Doll." I said.

"You can sing my part." Michael said handing me his guitar. I smiled.

"Oh my gosh I'm holding Michael Cliffords guitar.. I need a pic for Instagram friends will never believe me!" I said teasingly. Michael laughed. I stood in front of the Microphone and Luke and me started playing guitar.

"Well I don't even like you why'd you want to go and make me feel this way? and I don't understand what's happened I keep saying things I never say." Luke started. I was up.

"And I can feel you watching even when your nowhere to be seen, and I can feel you touching even when your far away from me...." I sung.

    I stopped strumming the guitar and smiled.

"Wow, I'm surprised you know the lyrics." Michael joked.

"Well of course, I listen to your music everyday." I said and smiled.

"you do?" Ash asked.

"Of course you guys are awesome." I said. Ashton smiled.

"By the way I got a Picture for your instsgram." Michael said handing me my phone. He got a picture of me looking down at his guitar with Ashton in the background banging on the drums. and Calum and Luke next to me He had in black and white. With a caption that said ' This girl rocks! hanging with the buds. xx Mikey was here xx' I laughed.

"You know I was kidding, But I do love this picture." I said. I never really put out that I hang with the guys But I have started.

"Yea I thought you needed more pics of you with us." He said.

"By the way Riley, you are really good! I'm surprised you are not famous already" Luke said.

"No. I'm not that good, I never sing." I said.

"No really you are good." Said Ashton. I shrugged. I put Michael Guitar down.And went to walk back into Luke's House but Calum grabbed my arm.

"You have a beautiful voice Love." He said and smiled.

"Thank you. So do you." I smiled back. I was really close to him now Body's touching. I looked up into his eyes and he kissed my nose and I smiled some more. I laid my head on his chest and realized all the boys were staring at us. I blushed and hid my face in his chest. Then I walked back into the house. Today was fun. and it's only been two days i still have three and a half weeks left to hang with these guys. I love living here.


Whoa I was singing. When I was writing this chapter I could literally picture the part where Calum grabbed my arm and when I looked into his eyes and kissed my nose. So I had a big Smile on my face :) DId you like it too?! then leave a like please!! BYEE 


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