Wrapped around your finger

New, insecure, shy girl Riley has just moved to a new school and Doesn't know anybody. She comes from a family that is falling apart. Not knowing how she'll ever make it through High school, she meets a certain boy.


6. party

I arrive to the party and it is literally a madhouse. There is toilet paper on the porch, the roof, and the trees. People are half naked and are dancing crazy/dirty. I walk in the house and I can already feel eyes on me. I walk into the kitchen to see a drunk Selena talking with some random boys. I start shouting her name not wanting to get anywhere near the dirty little freaks surrounding her. "Hey there babe." I boys awful breath says into my ear and sends cold shivers down my back. "Who's attention are you trying to get?" He asks trying to see the girl I'm pointing at. "Oh that girl Selena? Yikes you don't want to be friends with her." He tells me with disgust. I just look at him with confusion. "Come on let's go. I'm Justin by the way." He says tugging my hand and pulling me into an empty room. Crap what's he gonna do? "I'm done playing nice." He says while trying to remove my clothes from my body. I try my hardest to let out a scream but I'm stopped when my vision got blurry and it all just went black.

Ashton's POV

I arrive at the party with my best mates Calum, Michael, and Luke. I walk in and grab a beer and chat with a few friends. "Omg hey look guys I'm a pear!" Michael says clearly drunk. I laugh for a bit and then I needed to go to the bathroom. I walk up the stairs and I hear screaming. "What the hell?" I mutter. I bang on the door and now by this point I don't even care. I slam the door open to find a shirtless passed out girl on the bed with this idiot I know named Justin on top her. "Get out of here!" He shouts. "Leave her the hell alone! Did you knock her out?!" I shout "Yeah the little brat wouldn't shut up!" He says like that's a good enough reason. I literally got so enraged I punched him in the face knocking HIM out. I sat her up and put her shirt back on and picked her up and carried her to a room where I could help wake her up. Once I found a room I locked the door and set her on the bed hoping to wake her soon. I lightly shook her shoulders and then I saw two beautiful eyes flutter open. That was easy I think to myself. "W-where am I? And and who are you?!" She's says scarcely. "I'm Ashton."

Riley's POV

I wake up to a different, attractive stranger guy sitting over me and I definitely felt a lot of protective coming from a boy I never even met before. I stare at him scared and confused and his eyes are locked on mine, completely focused on me. "W-where am I? And and who are you?!" I reply sort of creeped out by the uncomfortable stare. "I'm Ashton." He says with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. I even think my stomach fluttered a little bit. I found myself smiling back. Wait no! I can't trust any boy from now on considering what happened to me not long ago. How did I get out of there anyway? "Hey how did I get out of there?" I said amazed at how I'm alive. "Uhh I saw that he knocked you out and I then knocked him out and quickly ran you out hoping that you weren't dead or anything. I'm so sorry for what happened in there I would never wish it on anybody. Especially to a beautiful girl like you." I feel heat rise to my cheeks as I quickly put my head down hoping he wouldn't notice. "Yeah thanks.." "Man what a great night." I say as tears start to form in my eyes and I'm quickly wiping them away. "It's not over yet!" he says smiling and laughing while grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. We head down stairs and I run into Selena. "Riley!! Where ya been!?" She says smiling widely. "Around." I say awkwardly pressing my lips together and rocking my heels back and forth. "Oh well now where are you going?" She asks curiously. "We were just uhh..." I look over to Ashton not sure to where we were actually going. "Oh I'm just walking her home." He says stepping forward. "Alright then bye guys!" She says while blowing us both kisses. "Bye Selena." we both giggle. "Haha you have the cutest giggle ever." Ashton says looking down at me. Not again.. Not the butterflies. "Hey come here come meet my friends!" Ashton says dragging me to a bunch of familiar people. "Omg omg it's Riley!" Michael says jumping up and down. " "I laugh and poke his shoulder and he acts as if it hurt. "Oh so you've already met them?" Ashton asks. "Yeah we all have gym together." Calum says. "Sweet! Hey Luke have you met her yet??" Luke just looks at me and then at Ashton. He just looked annoyed as he raised his eyebrows and nodded like OMG CAN YOU GET HER OUT OF HER ALREADY? "Okay then.. I'm just gonna go somewhere with her." "Mmm Kayy" Michael says laughing. I see Ashton just roll his eyes playfully. "Bye ash! Bye Riley."They all say We wave goodbye and are out the door. "Ash? That's cute." I smile looking down at the sidewalk. "Haha yeah all my friends all me that." "You can now call me that." he says winking at me. I just smile. "Where we going?" "To the park of course!" He smiles. "Hey why did you tell Selena you were just taking me home then?" I asked. "Well I knew that if I told her where I was taking you, she and her other friends would want to tag along and I sorta wanted it to be just me and you.. You know? To get to know you better. Wouldn't you like to know more about the boy who saved your life back there?" He winks and smiles at me. "Yeah I actually would." I admitted.

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