Wrapped around your finger

New, insecure, shy girl Riley has just moved to a new school and Doesn't know anybody. She comes from a family that is falling apart. Not knowing how she'll ever make it through High school, she meets a certain boy.


2. New friends

I walked into the school and saw that the halls were empty and I started to freakout. That's so me to be late on the first day. I walked fast to office asking for my schedule and locker combination. The lady behind the desk gave me a glare and handed me the paper. "You have gym first." she told me. "K." I said. I walked out the office and was off to the gym. Gym? Really? Today was not looking too good. I opened the doors of the gym and Everybody turned around staring at me. like it was uncomfortable. The teacher started to speak, "Okay students this is your new classmate and her name is Riley." I smiled and walked over to them and stood in the back not wanting anyone to see me. Then all of the sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped around quickly to see who it was. I turned around to see a black-hair green-eyed girl. "Um hi." I said slightly smiling. "Hey, my names Selena." She said holding out her hand. I awkwardly shook her hand and sorta just turned away. I'm not very social and It's sometimes really hard to be myself. "Okay class we will first play basketball." I heard the teacher say. She then partnered people up. I was a little nervous at who I was going to get. The teacher called out, "Riley and Michael will be partners" I looked around for him. Suddenly I heard a boys voice behind me say, "Hello there" I then saw a cute boy in front of my smiling. "Hey" I said looking down at my feet. "Looks like we're partners!" He said enthusiastically. He grabbed my hand took me to our court where we we saw our competitors. "Hey it's the boys!" I heard Michael shout. The two really cute boys we were competing against were This dark-haired Boy who Michael said was Calum, and a tall, blonde-haired boy who Michael said was Luke. "Do you know where Ashton is?" Luke asked. 'I think he's sick." "Calum said." "Who's Ashton?" I quietly asked. "Oh he's the last member of our band." Calum smiled. "Oh you guys are in a band?" "Yeah, 5 seconds of summer." Luke said. I had this feeling that Luke didn't like me. I felt that he was glaring at me the whole time. We then played the game and me and Michael ended up winning. I'm actually pretty good at basketball. I then went from class to class and my day didn't end up being as bad as I thought it would have. I met some friends. It was nice.

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