Wrapped around your finger

New, insecure, shy girl Riley has just moved to a new school and Doesn't know anybody. She comes from a family that is falling apart. Not knowing how she'll ever make it through High school, she meets a certain boy.


1. New day New school

I had just woken up not wanting to do anything but lay in my bed all day. Today was my first day at my new school. I didn't want to go but it was one place where I didn't have to listen to my parents fight. I hated it when my parents fought. Some nights when my little sister and I were younger we would go into her room and plug our ears for like an hour until my dad left. Their fighting is actually what caused us to move. We used to live in Arizona until my mom wanted us to move away from my dad. My dad made up with my mom and then a week later we moved to Australia as a family. Once we got here they started fighting again as expected. Once I got up I walked over to my new closet and went through every clothing item I had, throwing stuff on the ground until I found something decent to wear then I put it on. I then put on my make up and did my hair. Before I left I wanted to make sure that I looked okay. What I was wearing was some light blue, High-waisted jeans with a red crop top and an old silver heart shaped necklace. I did my long hair wavy. What I did for my make up was I had winged eyeliner, mascara, then I put on my red lipstick. while I was standing by the door and putting my black flats on my mom walked in. "Have a good first day." She told me. "Not counting on it" I said sorta sluggish. I then walked out and got in my car and drove to school.

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