Alice's Letters

Alice is writing letters to her Lover that moved away to Arizona to go to college, but she will never send them, and he will never replay. Read to find out her thoughts, wishes, and rants about and on the world around her.


1. Chapter 1.

Eric, do you remember those days in winter, when we would go and play with the snow? How you always ended up making me laugh, even though I hate the cold weather. Things have been most different here in London, since you moved to The United States. I heard that it doesn't snow that much in Arizona, like it does here.


I know that I’m never going to send these letters to you, and how you will never get them, but I do think that maybe when I’m older, when I'm ready, I may. I don't know If we'll ever cross paths after this, but i'm hoping silently.


I wish that you were here agian, with me, cuddling on the couch in front of the fireplace. I still have fits of giggles when I think of the look on daddy's face when he came out to get a cup of water and we were in that position.


He wasn't that mad though, even my brother stayed calm, but I know that my mum would be horrified if she wasn't up in heaven. They didn't even ground me! They just sent you home and daddy made me tell him the story of us.


Its been about 2 years since that day, the day we told everyone we were in love. Even though you are a year older, they didn't judge. I get to go to college next year, but its too pricey to go to college in the United states, so I’m just going to one here.


You were so happy when you got accepted, the smile on your face and your eyes gleamed with pride and happiness. I wonder if they are still that bright. Mine have turned a dull green by now, since you've been gone. I've locked myself up in my room and only came out to go to school and get food. I don’t talk that much anymore, only to daddy.


I know that you've probably moved on by now, me just being a distant memory. To me, you’ll be my first love, first kiss, and I will always love you, somewhere in this cold, icy heart of mine. Only you can melt it Eric, Only you.


Your Long Lost love,


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