We met through snapchat!

Claire was on snapchat when she got a add by the name of hemmo and on from hoody....

She got someessages and they became great friends they actually ended up going to school together as hemmo and hoody move to western sydney with 2 other friends


2. snapchat!👻📷

I was Latin on my bed listening to music when I heard my phone go off so I pulled it out my pocket and saw I had 1 add on snapchat and I just got another one. The names where "hemmo and hoody" so I accepted them and read my first snap witch was from "hemmo" an the photo was of a tall boy with blonde hair and his style was a quid fans he was wearing black skinny jeans and a singlet with words saying " I wouldn't trust me either" on it and he had a red SnapBack in back to front god was he beautiful and hid caption said a simple "hey" so I decided to open my next snap then snap him back. Then I opens the one from "hoody" and danm was he hot to he had black hair with blonde streaks in the front and he had black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt on.and his caption also said "hey".

So I decided to snap them both back. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a red and black flannel. I put my phone infront of me and faced the camera too my mirror and took a pic of me smiling and my caption said "hey ;)" I decided to send it to them both because that's what I would of said to them both anyways. And after what felt like forever hemmo answered me said "wow your beautiful and my names Luke btw;)" and yes I was anxious to see what he was gonna say because he was hot and even though I haven't met him I felt myself falling for him already not to mention the other hot kid hey were both making my heart melt. I took another picture and said "thanks not too bad yourself and claire😂😉" back to him. Then I got a message from hoody" you look amazing love your style and btw Calum;)" he said wow they both are so perfect I took another picture (again) and said "thanks you look just as good;) and claire sorry but I gtg ttyl?" I said as my mum was calling for me to come down for dinner and I just messaged Luke " gtg bye ttyl" and left for dinner.

I walked down stairs and saw mum had made spaghetti for dinner. I had 3 brothers named Danny, Angus and jack sloane (wich is also my last name) I walked in the kitchen and saw jack and Danny arguing (Danny's 18 jacks 17 and Angus is 14) I sat in my usual spot witch is were I could see the TV. And said "shut up stop arguing use sounds like little girls!" And they both shook their head and looked away. I finished dinner then walked to my bedroom and payed there staring at the roof and I couldn't stop thinking about those boys. "Go to sleep idiot" Angus said while walking past my room so I just gave him the finger and went to sleep almost instantly.

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