We met through snapchat!

Claire was on snapchat when she got a add by the name of hemmo and on from hoody....

She got someessages and they became great friends they actually ended up going to school together as hemmo and hoody move to western sydney with 2 other friends


3. school.

I had 1 week until school and all I did was talk to Luke and Calum.

Skip to school morning.

I woke up and hit my annoying alarm to shut it up and hopped in the shower. Once I had finished the shower I brushed my teeth and picked out my clothes witch were black skinny jeans a nirvana shirt and black converses. After 5 minutes the bus got there and I went straight to the back were I usually sit and I sat alone like usual. After what felt like forever we were at the hell hole they call school.

I walked in and straight away the cheer squad captain the one who bullies me the most but everyone else still does. She kicked the backed of my leg trying to make me fall over but it felt like a fairy so I just ignored her and kept walking and I heard her yell " you watch it sloaney" don't even ask why she hates me so much she's always just hated me for no apparent reason.

As I was walking don't the hall I got a snapchat from Luke. It was a picture of Luke pouting and the caption said "school sucks already" I was just smiling at the photo witch had 5 seconds left when I bumped into someone and dropped my books every where and fell over " OMG I'm so sorr-" I said then looked up and saw Luke and cut my self off and whisper yelled "LUKE" I said then he looked at me and his eyes widen and he said "CLAIRE" and I stood up and he said "wow I was hoping I would actually get to meet you" he said "same I'm so excited to finally get to talk face to face" I said while looking down thinking he's never gonna want to be friends with me he's gonna leave me like everyone else did. " I felt his hand on my chin and he pulled my face up so I was looking in his beautiful blue eyes. " what's wrong " he whispered sounding concerned. " nothing it's just I'm scared" I said as I started to cry. He pulled me into a hug as I cried into his chest and he the said " scared of what" I looked upto him and said" I'm scared your gonna leave me like everyone else did and your not gonna like me as a friend or your friends won't like me" I said while calming down as he was rubbing my back " I won't drop you like other people witch we need to talk about later and claire I know we haven't really talked face to face but your a very nice girl and your funny and I know my friends will love you come on we'll meet them" Luke said as he grabbed my wrist and ran up the halls to a group of people one with red hair. One with dirty blonde curly hair. And one with OMG THATS CALUM when I saw Calum my eyes widen and so did I. Luke said "this is Michael" while punting at the red head "this is ashton " while pointing at curly" and this is-" I cut him off " Calum" I said still in shock. "How do use know him" Luke said in shock" "same was I met you" I said to Luke.

Luke's pov~

This girl is even more beautiful in real life. "Come on we should get to class wat are your classes by the way" claire said. " I've got English, maths, history and art " I said. " ok well I have English maths and art so I could take you there?" She said "yes please and would you like to sit with us at lunch?" I asked nervously" sure why not" she said with a big grin.

*******************skip to lunch**********************

Luke's pov~

Calum ashton Michael and I sat under a tree at lunch were claire told us to wait for her. " hey Luke you know we can tell you like her " Calum said while grinning " um she's argh um really nice and all but I don't really know her" I said while looking down to hide the fact that I'm blushing.

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