Outcast Found

Erica is an outcast but will Mathew change that?


3. Chapter 3: I don't know what to call this chapter

Mathew takes in my expression.   “Is that supposed to be good or bad,” he says,   “Good,” I manage to get out   He smiles.   I look over at my clock: 4:38am   “Ummm…Not to be rude, but it’s 4 in the morning and I would like to get some sleep,” I say.   “Oh…Yeah…Sorry,” Mathew say, as he walks toward my window and climbs out.   “Bye,” I whisper, even though I know he can’t hear me.     I get dressed for school when my alarm goes off.   I walk out the door skipping breakfast.   Mathew meets me on my porch.   I jump back a little, “Mathew,” I say, “You scared me.”   “Sorry,” he says, putting his hands in his pocket.   “How’d you get here,” I ask, looking around for his car.   “I walked,” he says.   Then shouldn’t he be sweaty?   “Oh,” is all I say. “Do you want a ride,” I offer him.   “Yeah, sure,” he says, smiling.   I get into my car and unlock the passenger door.   He sits in the passenger seat.   I start the car and start driving to school.   “So tell my about yourself,” Mathew says.   I wanna focus on the road not talk to you   “I’m driving,” I says, translating me sentence in a nice way.   He shrugs then stays quiet.   “Wanna play I spy,” he says.   Are you serious!   “Dude, I’m driving,” I say.   “Oh yeah,” he says.   We pull up to the school.   I get out and so does Mathew.   He puts his arm around my shoulder when we walk into school.   “What are you doing,” I whisper to him.   “Putting a arm around you shoulder,” he says.   “Why,” I ask him.   “Because I want to,” he says.   That’s not a answer!   But I don’t say anything as I roll my eyes.   Boys are so stupid      “Hey,” Mathew’s note says in math,   “What do you want,” I write on the paper, then pass it to him.   I look across the room to see his reaction to the note.   He frown, then writes something on it to be passed to me.   “Y so rude,” it says.   “I’m not being rude,” I write on a new sticky note, then pass it to him.   “Then you must not know what rude is,” the note says, when it’s passed to me.   I see him across the room looking at me, so I glare at him.   He smirks at me.   I can never make him mad.   I roll my eyes, and focus on what the teachers saying.     A guy catches my arm when math is over.   The guy has black hair, with bright blue eyes.   “Hey I’m Lane,” the guy says.   Does it look like I care?!   “Can you let go of my arm,” I say.   He lets go of my arm, “Sorry.”   I roll my eyes, “Now, what do you want,” I hiss at him.   “I was hoping for your name, number, and maybe even a date,” Lane says.   You’ve got to be kidding me.   “Yes for my name,” I say, “But you can forget about the rest.”   “Erica,” I say.    “What?” he says.   “My names Erica,” I say then start walking to my next class, leaving the guy standing there looking dumb founded.   “What did he want,” Mathew say angrily in my ear.   “My name, number and a date,” I say.   Mathew tenses up, his breathing increases.   “And what did you say,” he says, in a angrier voice.   Jealous Much?!   “Yes for the name, and no for the rest,” I say.   Mathew calms down and grins.   “Why did you get so jealous,” I ask him.   “I did not,” Mathew says.   “What you didn’t do was use a complete sentence and grammer,” I say, “And what you did do was get jealous.”   Mathew rolls his.   I get to my class.   “Bye,” Mathew mumbles before walking away.   ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! :) I know I enjoyed writing it!   Bye…..     JazzyandBooks  
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