Outcast Found

Erica is an outcast but will Mathew change that?


2. Chapter 2: Mathew


  When science is over I walk to my locker, and switch books and binders for math. I feel pair of eyes watching me as I make my way to math. Hopefully is not a Matthew guy.   When I get to math, the class is halfway full. I take my usual seat, which is in the back. I wait for the teacher to start teaching.    When the teacher starts teaching I see another note on my desk. Not again! This guy needs to stop stalking me! I pretend to pay attention to the teacher as I unfold the note.    "<3"   I blink a couple of times, to make sure it's real. This guy just passed me a note with a heart on it.   It's adorable and but... Really... Me...   I sigh and put the note in the pocket of my book bag.   The school day carries on really slowly. No more notes from Mathew, and no surprising things.   ...   I lay in bed thinking about Mathew, and the notes that he passed me.    It's weird that he knows what I look like, but I don't know what he looks like.   I sigh and try to go to sleep. I clear all of the thoughts out of my mind and before I know it, I'm asleep.   ...   I wake up to a strange noise in my room.   I open my eyes getting ready to scream to what's in front of me.   "Shhhh, don't scream," the boy says in the darkness. My breathing increased rapidly, "Who are you." I say, trying to be brave.   "I'm... Mathew," he says, "Sorry I'm in you room... I umm... followed you home."    My eyes widen, "Your the creepy boy who keeps giving me notes." I say. "Yeah. Well, I wouldn't consider myself creepy, but-" he says, but I cut him off.   "Really! Not creepy! You sneak into a girls room in the middle of the night... Give a girl creepy notes w/ hearts on them! And your saying that's not creepy!" I practically yell at him. "Well... Now I see how that creepy," he says, "But, the notes, I thought that was sweet." I roll my eyes. "Look I'm sneaking into you room," he says. "Apology accepted." I say sighing.   "Thanks," Mathew says. I sigh, "Could I at least see your face." "What?" "Could I at least see your face, you've seen mine multiple times, it would only be fair." I say. "Um... Yeah... There's not really nothing to look at... But sure," he says awkwardly.   I reach over and turn my lamp on. I gasp, when I see the prettiest face I've ever seen.   My secret admirer is the the cutest boy I've ever seen....      
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