Outcast Found

Erica is an outcast but will Mathew change that?


1. Chapter 1: The Note

Outcast Found 1:

Getting ready for school was the hardest part of the day. I had to get up, put clothes on, and brush my teeth. Even though none of it matters.

Why do I have to go to school, and attempt to make good grades, when I know I can't.

I'm invisible to people, so why even bother going to school.

I yawn and sit up in my bed, my black hair falling on my face. I brush it away.

I look at the clock, 8:40.

My eyes grow big. I only have 20 minutes to get ready! Wait no! I leave at 8:50, and school starts at 9:00, so I only have 10 minutes.

I yank the covers off of me, and hurry to get ready. I glance at the clock when I'm finished, 8:49. I sigh in relief. I run outside, grabbing a yogurt, and by back back on the way.

I jump into my car, and start heading down towards Easton High.

When I get to school I throw my yogurt away and run down the hallway, since I'm 5 minutes late. I run into the classroom. The teacher stares at me before saying, "What do you need." I give her a dumb look, "I'm in your class," I tell her. She gives me a confused look, "Are you new?" My eyes widen, "This is 3rd semester and you don't know who I am. You should know your students by now!" I take a breath, calming myself, "My name is Erica Willford, and I'm late for waking up late. Now write my name name on the tardy slip," I say, bossing her around.

The teachers face reddens at my tone, "You have detention for using that tone at me," she says calmly, "And here is the tardy slip," she says, handing me a orange piece of paper.

I take the and stuff it in my back pocket.

I turn in front of the class to see everyone staring at me. My eyes widen. I blush as I awkwardly take my seat.

I sit down, still felling a pare of eyes on me. The teacher stands up and starts teaching her lesson. I watch the teacher as she teaches the Human Body.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I see a piece of paper land on my desk.

I look down at it. Is this a note for me? Am I going crazy? Who would write to me? What do they want?

There's only one way to find out. I pick up the note and place it in my lap. I study the teacher waiting for the right time to read the note. When the teacher sits back down at her desk, I take my chance.

I open the note quickly, not waiting any longer.

-Hey I'm new here. You seem really cute and chill. Maybe we should hangout some time. Call Me: 555-0125


Did this guy really just give me his number?

I never even met the guy and he gives me his number because he thinks I'm "cute" or "chill".

I shake my head in disapproval.

It's gonna take a lot to get this guy to stay away from me.

But little did I know, it's impossible for him to stay away.

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