Ny movella


1. The Beginning

"ARIA, BRIAN" my mom yelled from the kitchen "2 SECONDS" me and my brother yelled at the same time. I put my clothes on it was my last day of school my mom and my brother Brian where moving I was kinda sad to say goodbye to my friend "Ari are you sad about moving" my brother asked while coming over and hugged me "yea" I said hugging back. I really was not I hated being here it was so sad around here nobody was deferent, even my twin brother was like them everyone was scared to be deferent I got a lot of hate over the years but i didn't really care "1 MINUT" my mom yelled "YES MOM" me and Brian ran down the stairs and To give our mom a hug we walked out to the car. "Do we really need to move" my brother complaint, I rolled my eyes just because I was annoyed of him asking he knew we had to, mom where going to have a job in California and we couldn't Live alone right now we live in Newcastle so we where taking a flight after school "You know we have to" I said looking at my brother annoyed "we are here" mom said pointing at the school "thanks mom bye" I waved and got out my brother where already gone "great" I mumbled I got to my locker and took my books for the next class "HEY ARI" my bestie yelled coming toward me giving me a big hug "well hey Mary" I said laughing, we released "you didn't say you where moving" she said with a sad face "I was going to but you kept talking about Jordan whatever, I say it now" she looked at me"aaaaaand" she said waiting for me to continue "okay, ehm, I'm moving to California in a year my mom got a job and we can't live alone" I said "we'll I'm going to miss you so much, and I will call you every week on Skype" She laughs and then got sad "I forgot the part where we actually can't do stuff together" she said sadly "I'm gonna miss you too but we can Skype and I

can come visit I said smiling. We walked to class

__________SKIPPING CLASSES_______________

"Goodbye Mary I'm gonna miss you so much" a tear was coming In 2 sec and I knew it "Ari don't cry I'm gonna miss you too babe, I will Skype you, I promise " she said hugging me "I will Skype you when we get there and maybe give an house tour" I laughed knowing she would love that like really she always wanted to go to California "I would love that, and don't fall for any stupid boys" she said with a serous face "You too" "hey are you to done now" my brother said "yes" I said looking angry at him "bye Mary" I hugged her goodbye and got into the car


We got to the airport and i was so happy I wanted to see our new home but it was bad timing course we where having a plain trip so many hours " I'm so going to sleep" my brother said "me too bro me too" we got on the plain and my eyes shot right when we sat down I was to tired.

"We are here Ari" my mom said I closely opened my eyes and saw I was I front of my new house in the car "OMG HOW I GET HERE" I run to the house got in to it, it was amazing I loved it "I WILL GET THE BEST ROOM BROTHER" I yelled running up the stairs and got into the room I wanted. "I have the basement" my brother said walking in to my new room "okay bro, I like this room it feels like my room" I said laughing, I looked out the window and saw a car passing by it was dark but it still looked so amazing "WE ARE EATING NOW" my mom yelled I got down to eat with them and got up skyping with Mary and after that I got in my bed and got to sleep happy and tired.

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