Chelsea Jacobs and her Friend Ary Winters are best friends, and when Ary's boyfriend Ashton goes on the X Factor with his band, they are mentored by the biggest British Boy band in the world. One Direction. And when Chelsea meets them lets just say there is some romance brewing up.


1. Epilouge

Chelsea's P.O.V

"I'm so sorry Chelsea! please forgive me! It was an honest mistake!! please.. I love you.." Harry yelled, pleading to me not to leave.

    "No Harry, an honest mistake is dropping a plate and breaking it! This is a big mistake! You knew what you were doing was wrong, but you continued to do it! You knew how this would end if I found out! And guess what?! I did! The only thing you were honest about was when you admitted to what you did!" I yelled at Harry, with my eyes puffy and red, my cheeks red as well, and tears streaming down my face. And Harry, he just stood there, emotionless, blank faced, no expression.

   "I loved you, but I guess all love has an end. This is where our love ends, we cant pretend that nothing ever happened. We will never be the same."

   "Yes we can! Chels! We can put this all behind us and start over!" He yelled grabbing onto my arms with a firm grip.

"No we cant!" I yelled as his grip became tighter and tighter.

"let go of me!" I struggled, he finally let loose and I ran into the bathroom of our flat, I shut the door and slid down, putting my face into my hands and starting to cry.

where did we go wrong?


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