Wildest Dreams

Opposite worlds, two people, and the odds that it will actually work...yeah, in your wildest dreams.


1. Not My Style

~~Wildest Dreams

High school. It’s every kid’s nightmare. Whether you know everyone or no one, or if you were popular or geeky, it didn’t matter. Everyone’s life in high school is hell and that is how it always has been and will be; I don’t think anything will ever change that.
I mean, not that I didn’t enjoy high school, but I wasn’t anyone significant. I was just the shy girl with her small group of friends and that was it. But I was also happy with that. I didn’t need to be known by everyone to be happy.
But even with people like me, there’s always that one boy that swoops in and makes your whole life a giant mess…

“How about him?” My best friend, Ava asked me, pointing to a random guy walking by while she was visiting me at work. I rolled my eyes and leaned onto the counter.
“Not worth my time.” I smirked and went back to checking in the shipment at work.
“You’re absolutely ridiculous.” Ava said, shaking her head.
“Not really; I just have standards.”
“Yeah, what kind of standards? You see the most attractive guys all day and you don’t even give them a second look. Like, are you crazy?”
“Okay, look how I dress, look at the guys I work with; I don’t need to be with guys that look that any longer than I need to be.”
“That’s so stereotypical of you.”
“No, it’s just not my style.”
“Then what exactly is your style? Have you even had a boyfriend to even have a style?” Ava asked sarcastically.
“Oh, she’s had a boyfriend before.” Mike said as he passed by me to clock in. Mike winked at Ava, only making me roll my eyes. Everyone had a thing for Ava; I was the best friend of a girl who always had the guy. She was the prettier one of the two of us. Well, that was from my point of view. If you asked her who was the prettier of the two of us, she’d probably say the opposite of me. We’ve had this argument too many times.
But as I was saying, she is literally perfect. She has the bleached blonde hair hat was an average length and the bright green eyes that sparkled. She had the girlie girl look down to a science; having all the most recent styles in everything, purses have to be matching her outfit, everything. She only had the first holes in her ears, no piercings or any tattoos, and not a damn zit on her face. She was probably the definition of a perfect human being.
“You’ve had a boyfriend?!” Ava asked, snapping my attention back to reality.
“Yeah, her boss.” Mike said, winking at me this time.
“Shut the fuck up, Mike.”
“Wait, isn’t Mike your boss?” Ava asked, confused.
“Yeah, he is.”
“You dated Mike?!” Ava sounded shocked.
“It was the biggest mistake of my life.”
“You still love me though.” Mike said, taking my snapback off my head.
“Give me that back! I don’t want to have hat hair!” Mike laughed and put my snapback back onto my head and I glared at him for half a second before smirking.
“Okay, maybe a little; as a friend and co worker though.” I said, shaking my head. Mike laughed and Ava looked beyond confused.
“Wait…I don’t get it…” Ava said slowly. I smirked and shook my head. That’s another thing about Ava; she’s a stereotypical blonde, but I love her to death.
“Don’t worry about it babe.” I said. Ava smiled and went back to leaning against the counter in silence while I continued to check in shipment.

“I need new fucking shoes, man. There’s a hole in the bottom of my sneakers.” Niall said bluntly one Sunday afternoon. We were wandering around the mall doing some shopping since summer was over and the fall was coming up fast.
“Well, there’s Journeys. Just go in there.” I said, shrugging.
“Dude, do you see the kind of people that work there?!” Niall said, kind of loudly for being so close to the store.
“Who cares? Suck it up and get your damn shoes.” I said, pulling him in.
“What’s up, guys?” We looked up and saw a girl sitting on the counter with paperwork in her hands. She glanced up and gave us a slight smile.
“Hey.” Niall and I said together.
“Bitch, get your ass off the counter.” Niall and I turned to the sound of a guys’ voice and saw someone walking out of the back.
“Do you want to suck my dick, Mike? You haven’t been here all damn morning unpacking over 200 boxes of shoes so shove it up your ass.” The girl said. I looked a little bit closer at her and realized I slightly recognized her from somewhere.
“I’m back with your chipotle, love.”
“I said Wendy’s, boo. I don’t have that kind of money.” The girl said.
“Yeah, well I paid.” The girl smiled at her friend and kissed her cheek.
“You’re the fucking best friend fucking ever.”
“Oh my god, do you need to curse so much?”
“One day Ava, I will get you to curse like a sailor and I can’t fucking wait for that day.”
“Excuse me?” Niall asked, holding up a shoe.
“What’s up?” The girl said.
“Yeah, can I have this in a size like…10 I guess?”
“Yeah, I got it.” The girl said as she started walking into the back.
“Do you really think she can get me to curse a lot? Like I curse now but like…more than I actually do?”
“You tell me; you’ve been friends with her longer.”
“Yeah, but Mike…you two like dated. Doesn’t that count as more?”
“Not at all Ava because I swear on my fucking life that people think you two are lesbians together.”
“But we aren’t!”
“We aren’t what, love?”
“Lesbians together.”
“Yeah we are; we’re fucking butt buddies.” The girl winked at her friend as she walked up to us. “Here you go. I also grabbed them in dark blue too since you liked the black ones. I can see you pulling off both extremely well. Ooh, and these white ones.”
“You brought me three pairs of shoes when I asked for one?” Niall asked, slightly confused.
“Just trust me on this.” The girl smiled and walked back to the counter.
“Okay, so tomorrow, you have school until noon so I open, right? You’ll be here by one?”
“Yeah Mike; school calls. Because why would I not have school. Bitch, I’m 17 years old. Yes I have school.”
“Damn, you sassy ass bitch; calm down.”
“I’m calm. But yeah, I’ll be here by one. I’ll make sure I strip in my car on my way here so everyone watches and stares like last time.”
“You’re a bitch.” Mike said, laughing.
“I’m still so confused…” Ava said.
“How do they feel?” The other girl, that I still didn’t know the name of, asked Niall.
“I actually really like all of them.”
“I told you that you would like them. I know my shoes.” Niall half smiled and handed her the boxes.
“Uh, which ones are you going to go with?”
“All three of them.” She nodded and brought them around the counter, rung us up, and then we left.
“They were interesting.” I pointed out after we got a safe distance away.
“Yeah, that they were.”

“Okay, so what about blondie?” Ava asked as soon as they were far enough away.
“Not my style either.”
“How about curly?” I paused, looked up and saw the back of his head as he disappeared around the corner.

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