Wildest Dreams

Opposite worlds, two people, and the odds that it will actually work...yeah, in your wildest dreams.


2. Invisible

In school on Monday, I was hanging around my locker with a bunch of my friends. Though it was still too early for me to be amused with anything anyone had to say. I was just downing my coffee, trying not to fall asleep standing up.
“You okay, man?” Zayn asked, walking up.
“Tired as hell; but nothing is wrong.”
“Alright.” He said, nodding as the bell rang. We all slowly split up and made our way to class.
“So hey you.” I felt someone run into my side and looked down, seeing Ellie.
“Hey.” I said, still tired and grumpy.
“You don’t sound too excited today!” Ellie announced with a giant smile on her face. That’s the thing about Ellie; she never stopped fucking smiling and it drove me crazy.
“Can you please stop fucking yelling in my damn ear?” I grumbled, not even bothering to look at her.
“Sorry; it becomes a habit when you have cheerleading and they force you to be loud all the time.”
“I don’t care why the hell you’re loud El, I just want you to shut the hell up. It’s too fucking early to have a conversation with someone.”
“Oh…” Even though you could tell I had hurt Ellie’s feelings, she still sounded perky and it drove me fucking insane.
“I’ll see you later; this is my class.” I said, walking into class without waiting for her response. I went to sit in the back by Jesse so we could both mope about how sucky this morning was.

“So when do you leave today?” Ava asked as we walked into class, going to the back corner.
“I always leave at noon love; that has never changed.” Ava sighed and sunk into her chair.
“I know but I wish you stayed all day like me.”
“Yeah, it doesn’t work like that though. I’d rather be at work than here so it’s fine.” I said as I started playing with my tongue piercing.
“Oh my god, Bethany!” Ava said, grabbing my shoulder.
“What?” I said, looking up from my phone.
“Isn’t that one of the guys from yesterday?!” Ava sounded so excited when in my head, I could care less.
“I don’t fucking know. So many guys walk in and out of my work that I don’t know recognize people out of work.” I stated.
“No like…curly!” Ava half whispered. I finally rolled my eyes and looked where she was looking and sure enough, it was him.
“Yeah, that’s him.”
“Oh my god! He goes to our school!” Ava sounded a little too excited about this.
“So?! You said he might be your style of guy!”   
“Yeah, might. So I’m not about to go jumping for joy. Though I’m not quite sure why you are and it’s kind of creeping me out.”
“You need to let loose a little and just stop being so boring.”
“Nah, I’ll continue my life just how I have been; it’s been working just fine for me.” Ava rolled her eyes and turned to the front because the teacher has started taking roll call. I went back to playing with my tongue ring and one of my gauges because I wasn’t one to pay attention too much. I mean, I wasn’t a trouble maker, I just…wasn’t the type to pay attention. I was still invisible.

I was half asleep when I heard Ava’s voice when the teacher called for her. I recognized the name from yesterday and I shot my gaze over into that direction and immediately saw the girl from Journeys; or both girls I mean. Ava saw me watching and half smiled. I gave her a slight wave and she turned back to the teacher while I turned to her friend who was leaned back in her chair, with her snapback over her face. You could tell it was backwards originally, she just turned it around to cover her face.
“What are you staring at?” Jesse whispered to me.
“Who is that?”
“Who? The girl in the snapback and sleeping?” I nodded and Jesse shrugged. “I have no idea. I’ve never seen her before. Is she new?”
“I have no idea.” I turned back to the teacher to try and pay attention, but I couldn’t and ended up passed out on my desk until I heard the bell, signaling the end of class. 

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