Wildest Dreams

Opposite worlds, two people, and the odds that it will actually work...yeah, in your wildest dreams.


9. Dates and Jealousy

I was kind of surprised that Harry was willing to skip out on homecoming with me. He seemed like the type of person to actually go to shit like that. But then again that could be me being judgmental as fuck; I was really good at doing that apparently since I've come to realize that Harry isn't half bad. 
“Whats so funny?” Harry asked. And that's when I realized I was smirking. 
“Oh I was just thinking that you aren't half as bad as I thought.” 
“So does this mean I'm forgiven?” Harry asked, smirking back. 
“Oh hell no. You aren't forgiven. You still have a long way to go but for right now, you aren't half bad.” 
“I'll take what I can get.” Harry said. 
“As you should. God only knows how I'll feel about you tomorrow.”
“You know, you can't just give me a win, can you?” Harry asked. 
“Hell no. That would mean I'm losing and I don't like losing.” 
“No girl does.” 
“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, squinting at him. 
“It was meant to be a joke but I realized its kind of a thing so it didn't come off as a joke.” 
“What do you mean?” 
“It just reminded me of Ellie.” 
“Shit, we have to talk about her?” 
“No all I'm saying is that…” 
“Is that she's jealous?” I said, cutting Harry off. 
“How did you get to that conclusion?” 
“Oh please, it's so obvious. She sees you're into me and she's jealous.” 
“I'm into you?” Harry asked. 
“Oh please.” I said again. “You don't hide it well at all.” I rolled my eyes and leaned against my car. “She doesn't like that you like people who have real emotions and personalities.” Harry laughed and I smirked. 
“I do have some kind of humor in me; I'm not totally serious. I'm not going to take that winning comment to heart.” 
“I thought you did for a second.” Harry said. 
“I know. You looked scared shitless for a second.” 
“So on a different topic; where's the motorcycle?” Harry asked. 
“I have a car too…you know, winter is a thing. But it's getting tuned up so I need my car for the next couple of days.” I said. 
“Are you skipping class or…?” 
“Yeah, I'm skipping out early. I want a nap before work.” I said, shrugging. “See you around?” 
“Yeah, see you around.” 
“You feeling better?” I asked as he walked away. 
“Yeah…a little.” Harry said after a pause. “Thanks.” 
“No problem; see you.” 

I waved to her as she left then walked back into the school. I wasn't really feeling up to class so I went and sat down by my locker. It felt so good to be around someone who was real instead of faking everything. She had some really valid points when it came to who I hung around, at least Ellie and her little clan. 
“You good?” I looked up and saw Zayn and Becks. 
“Yeah, I'm all good.” I said. 
“Well you aren't normally one to skip class.” Zayn pointed out. 
“Yeah I'm just not in the mood right now.” 
“Did Bethany leave?” Becks asked. 
“Yeah she wanted to nap before work.” I said. 
“Okay…thanks. I'll let you two talk.” Becks said before she walked away. After she was out of sight, Zayn sat down next to me. 
“You sure you're all good?” Zayn asked. 
“I just…don't like hearing everyone talk shit about Bethany all the time. I don't know. It gets to me. 
“You know that's all El. We have no problem with her. If you like her, at least I support you.” 
“Well you are like dating one of her best friends.” I pointed out. 
“Okay we aren't dating…yet.” I laughed and shook my head. “Look, if El is really getting to you, just ignore her. She's just jealous.” 
“Bethany said the same thing…” 
“She isn't blind; she knows you're into her and she knows El hates her so…” 
“Basically you're agreeing with Bethany?” 
“On what? That El is jealous and that you're into Bethany?” 
“Yeah.” I said, nodding. 
“Well you don't hide it very well. You act more human around her than you do with us anymore. Or at least when Ellie is around. Plus if she isn't around, she's all you can look at when she's within viewing range.” Zayn said, smirking. 
“That's not even fair.” 
“But it's true so…” Zayn shrugged and I gave up, knowing it was true. “See you at lunch?” Zayn asked. I nodded as he got up and walked away. 

During work, Ava had showed up after her cheerleading practice was over, like always. Mike was already gone, thank god, and all my workers were doing great. I was just kinda slacking in the corner since I already made sales for the day. 
“Harry asked me to homecoming.” I said. Ava got all excited and started clapping. 
“And you said yes?!” 
“Will you go dress shopping with me?!” 
“Shot…you were going on such a yes rant that I thought you would accidentally say yes to me.” Ava said sadly. 
“Nice try, but no. You're too girlie to go shopping with. Being seen in public with you is bad enough.”
“Oh come on…you love me.” Ava said, smiling at me and batting her eyelashes. 
“You're such a girl. You need to stop. Did you get a date yet?” 
“Yeah…Logan asked me.” 
“That's good- you've liked him for awhile.” 
“Yeah but it's only homecoming. Not like an actual boyfriend.” 
“You can work on that. You have quite awhile to work on that, actually.” Ava suddenly perked up like I knew she would. 
“Yeah, that's true!” Ava said happily. I rolled my eyes as Devon walked over to me. 
“This customer is trying to make a return on shoes that he doesn't have the receipt for and they look really worn.” I groaned and got up. Devon sighed and I walked over there with her. 

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