Wildest Dreams

Opposite worlds, two people, and the odds that it will actually work...yeah, in your wildest dreams.


3. Curly

~~After class was over, I saw the girl walk out with Ava, still curious about her. I tried to walk a little faster to catch up with them, but by the time I got out of the classroom, the halls were crowded and I knew it wasn’t going to work. I sighed, gave up, and made my way to my locker where Ellie was waiting for me.
“What Ellie?”
“Why are you so grumpy today? It’s a huge turn off.”
“I don’t care. It’s Monday, it’s morning, and I’m cranky as shit.”
“Take a shot, smoke a blunt, I don’t fucking know. But can you please stop being so damn grumpy?”
“Ellie, can you stop being so damn perky? Maybe then I won’t be as grumpy.”
“Why is it my fault that I see the bright side in things?”
“It isn’t; but it’s annoying as shit sometimes. Especially when it’s a shitty morning and I don’t want to deal with it.”
“Well learn to deal mister!” Ellie said happily with a stupid smile on her face. I couldn’t help but half smile and shake my head. As much as she drove me crazy, she was fun to be around.
“Can I ask you something?” I asked her.
“Go for it. What’s up?”
“Do you know her?” I asked pointing over to Ava and her friend.
“Oh that’s Ava! We’re cheerleaders together. Her friend though, Bethany, she’s weird. She doesn’t talk too much. I don’t know what Ava sees in her but Ava spends like all her time with her.”
“So she’s basically…”
“Invisible.” Ellie finished for me.
“Not the word I was thinking of, but okay.”
“Well I’m just saying. Not a lot of people know her. She’s so quiet. I mean, I’ve never heard anything bad about her but she just looks so different than us, why would Ava hang around her? I don’t know. It’s all a tad weird for me.”
“That’s profiling.” I pointed out.
“It’s logic. Why would we hang out with someone like her? She looks like she just walked out of like…Zumiez or something. I don’t think any of our friends dress like that.”
“Zayn?” I pointed out.
“Well but he just likes black. She wears like those weird band t-shirts and those hats and I don’t know…it just looks a little weird to me.”
“You’re just judgmental.”
“How did you asking me a question turn into insulting me?”
“I’m simply stating what you’re doing.”
“Why do you want to know anyway?”
“I don’t know. I’ve just never seen her before and was a little curious.”
“Typical Styles.” Ellie said, shaking her head. “You’re such a curious mother fucker.”
“I guess.” I said, closing my locker as the bell rang.
“I’ll see you later, El.” Ellie nodded and went her way, while I walked my way.

“Oh my god, curly is totally checking you out!” Ava whispered to me and nudged me. I looked over my shoulder and sure enough saw the guy watching me as he walked towards us. I shrugged it off and turned back to Ava.
“Okay…I’m not sure why you’re telling me this though.”
“Oh please; you said yesterday he might be your type!”
“Might be, Ava. I never said he was. Plus, I bet you he doesn’t know who I am, and I bet you I don’t care whether he does or not. I’m not like you; I don’t need a guy on my mind constantly to feel okay.”
“I never said I always needed a guy, but they’re nice to be thinking about.”
“You’re such a girl.”
“And you’re such a guy. I’m like half surprised you aren’t lesbian.” Ava joked. I rolled my eyes and smirked.
“You know I like girls too, bitch.” I pointed out.
“And you know I have a shot memory so that isn’t stuff I remember!”
“I swear…I don’t know why I hang out with you.”
“I don’t know why I hang out with you, but I love it!” Ava said happily. I laughed and rolled my eyes. We really were the weirdest best friends. The bell rang just then and Ava hugged me goodbye and we went our separate ways.

I was walking to class, texting Jackson, my brother, hoping he could pick me up after cheerleading practice since I knew Bethany would be working. I was about to hit end, when I felt myself run into someone.
“Shit, I’m sorry.” I said as I looked up, both our books all over the floor. When I processed what had happened, I realized I had run into curly.
“It’s all good.” He said, seemingly trying to process what had just happened. “You’re Bethany’s friend, aren’t you?” I half smiled, knowing he wanted her. It was just a girl’s instinct.
“Of course. She’s my best friend.”
“Right.” He said, finally stooping down to get his books. I stooped down with him so I could gather mine together also.
“How did that happen? She has more of a skater look and you…don’t.”
“It just sort of happened.”
“Oh, okay.”
“We grew up together.”
“Ah, I see.”
“And she’s a lot more down to earth than any other person here that I hang out with so…it just works out better. I can be the ditzy one and get away with it because all she does is roll her eyes instead of being stupid back.”
“So you think people like me are stupid.”
“I never said that. I just said that…”
“I’m kidding.”
“Oh, alright.” I said, standing back up as he did too.
“Well, I’m Harry.”
“Ava.” I said. We stood there awkwardly for a few more seconds before I finally said bye and walked away. I couldn’t wait to tell Bethany that curly, well…Harry knows who she is and secretly wants her; this is so exciting! I knew she would probably deny all of it and say it was all in my head but I was determined to get her out of her own mindset for thirty seconds to see that something could actually happen.

After I was done with school, I ran to my motorcycle. Right now was actually Ava’s lunch and she was normally outside waiting by my bike for me but this time she wasn’t alone; she was talking to curly.
“Uh excuse me; I have to get to work.”
“Bethany!” Ava said happily.
“This is Harry!”
“Hey. Okay, look Ava, I have to get to work or Mike is actually going to kill me.” I said.
“But can’t you be five minutes late?”
“Not even. Please, stop leaning on my bike.” I said, taking my snapback off and shoving it into my backpack.
“You’re going to work dressed like that?” Harry asked. I looked down at my ripped jeans and Three Days Grace shirt and vans and nodded.
“Uh yeah.”
“You don’t have to take your piercings out?” He asked, referring to my eyebrow piercing, my gauges, my nose piercing, and my spider bites seeing as he couldn’t see the rest.
“No. Now I don’t mean to seem rude but I really have to get to work.” I said, putting my helmet on. They both moved and I waved goodbye as I sped out of the parking lot.
“And look who’s late.” Mike said as I walked into work about three minutes late.
“Oh shut the fuck up; it isn’t even five minutes.”
“I’m just saying. Was there a guy making you late that you were too busy making out with on the lockers?”
“Shove that up your ass and no. Ava was walking to me and wouldn’t leave my bike.”
“Well I don’t fully believe that but whatever; I’ll take that for now.” I rolled my eye, clocked in, put my stuff in the back room, and started work.

After Bethany had driven off, Ava and I talked for a few more minutes before we both went our separate ways.
She was definitely different than who I was used to hanging out with. She dressed like my friends did, but definitely did not act like them. She acted more like Bethany than I think she realized; or more like Bethany for what I knew of Bethany.
“Hey, where have you been all of lunch?” Liam asked when I got back inside.
“Wandering.” I said, not wanting to even mention Ava’s or Bethany’s name, knowing it would be the topic of conversation for the rest of the day between everyone.
“You alright man? You’ve been acting weird all day.” Louis pointed out.
“Yeah, I’m all good.”
“Hey guy’s; sorry I’m late. Jordan and I got a little busy.” Missy said, walking up to the table with her boyfriend. I rolled my eyes, simply shocked that Missy liked being at the center of attention like that but I couldn’t totally complain today. At least it got the attention off me.

“So are you going to come dress shopping with be for homecoming?” Ava asked me when she had gotten off of school. It was her daily routine to come to my work after she got out of school and after cheerleading practice since she didn’t like dealing with family dinner. Ava always said she preferred having mall food court food with me every night instead of real food, which I thought was utterly ridiculous but I wasn’t going to complain because at least I didn’t have to deal with Mike by myself until six.
“I’m not going to homecoming but I’ll go with you to pick out a dress on Tuesday.” I mentioned.
“Wait is Tuesday your day off?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Oh good! I was going to play hooky from practice tomorrow too.”
“Because Ellie and Missy were extra annoying today.”
“How so?”
“They’re way too perky.”
“So now you know how I feel when you hang around.”
“Hey! I’m not that perky!”
“Compared to us, you’re way too fucking perky.” Mike pointed out as he walked by.
“Wait, am I really?”
“Yes.” Mike and I said together, making Ava half frown but in a split second, she was smiling again. 
“At least someone is happy then! I make everyone else happy!” 
“You make us feel weird actually, since we don’t work in a happy ass place.” Mike said, rolling his eyes as I smirked since Ava was totally oblivious.
“Yeah, it is a little dark…” Ava pointed out, looking around. This made me burst out laughing just from how clueless she was. Nonetheless, I loved her to pieces.
“Anyway, I’ll go shopping with you tomorrow.”
“You should get a dress too.”
“Yeah, uh, no; fuck that.” I said, half smirking.
“You know I don’t do school dances. They’re boring and not my thing.”
“Well…be my date then! I don’t have anyone else to go with!”
“Ava, this shit is in like a month. It’s like the second week of school. Homecoming isn’t until like halfway through October.”
“So? What if I don’t have a date?!”
“You’ll have a fucking date, Ava”
“Make me a deal.”
“Sure, what?” I asked, crossing my arms.
“If someone asks you to homecoming, besides me, as like an actual date, you’ll go.”
“As long as he’s not creepy as fuck, maybe. I’ll think about it.”
“You can’t think about it! You have to! If you don’t, ill force you to go with me and make you try on dressed and heels and get our hair and makeup done and everything!” Ava announced happily.
“Fuck it; fine. But if no one asks me, I don’t have to go with you, right?”
“Fine, deal. It’s not like anyone is going to ask me anyway.”
“If you say so.” Ava said sneakily. I ignored her comment and went back to helping customers, not allowing myself to dwell on what she had just done and half forced me into. 

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