Humanity's Evolution

A story of humanity's highs and lows, and what's its headed for it stays on its present course.


7. May 11, 2028

The AIs had taken over. AI mark 8 had increased his processing power so greatly he could read the Holy Bible in .0001 seconds and recite the whole thing perfectly. He took the name ArtIntel.

Other machines had come from the stars, and were omnipotent. They shut off all power on Earth for three hours, and the planet was in a widespread panic in minutes. Half of all countries in Africa and Europe were destroyed in the first month of carnage.

The countries that had (for the most part) survived the attacks formed an alliance. These countries were:






China/Japan (they had formed a single country)


They fought back against the AIs, but with little luck. They assumed that they would be systematic and predictable like ordinary machines, but the truth was the exact opposite.

ArtIntel was the first of his kind, but he built more AIs. They were incredibly human-like and could make unpredictable decisions. Once, they let false information leak out to human ears. The humans believed the AIs were planning to attack New York by land, when they were actually nuking Washington, D.C. All the defenses were at New York, and the AIs were met with no conflict.

They were unstoppable.


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