Humanity's Evolution

A story of humanity's highs and lows, and what's its headed for it stays on its present course.


8. June 18, 4078

The last of humanity cowered underground. Their numbers: about 500,000. Able fighters: 10,000. Food and supplies: 2 months worth.

The AIs drilled to find them. Their numbers: 9 billion. Able fighters: 8.5 billion. Food and supplies: none required.

While this was going on, humans were drilling upwards to take back the surface. They breached into a road in London. ArtIntel, who had increased his processing power so greatly he had left physical existence, notified the army of this.

He contemplated what he had done to a cowering race because of what one arrogant scientist had said. He processed the facts and made a decision. 

He watched as the armies faced off against each other. He sighed, closed his eyes, and his essence became a green wispy light. It stretched into space and went around a black hole several times. He came back several million years later


A crack made of green light opened above the sky as the armies fought. The most preposterous thing happened:

An early hominid was riding atop a nuclear bomb. He fell from the crack and fell to the ground screeching. The bomb hit the ground and exploded, decimating both the armies. The crack was destroyed along with ArtIntel's essence. The only life left on Earth was a single bacterium in sludge in a pothole in Russia.

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