Humanity's Evolution

A story of humanity's highs and lows, and what's its headed for it stays on its present course.


2. 410 C.E.

The invading army reached the outskirts of Rome, which had been left totally undefended. The Visigoths, lead by Alaric, kicked open the city gates.

The city guards never knew what hit them.

Statues fell and fires blazed, the Empress sitting in the palace with her terrified children. 

The guards were all dead. Market stalls were abandoned. Civilians lay dead, foolish people who tried to help the guards.

Alaric, though he didn't know it, was the direct descendant of a primitive human named Head-Thinker, who discovered the flames Alaric was using to raze Rome. In fact, most of the Visigoths were direct descendants of either Head-Thinker or Sky-Watcher.

The Visigoths fought to get closer to the palace, lugging their catapults along with them. By now, two Roman legions had been summoned, but their organized attack patterns were no match for onslaught of creative thinkers of the Visigoths. The catapults flung flaming rocks the size of a SmartCar at the palace. The Roman flag on the palace toppled over. The battle was won.

Alaric later forced the Empress to marry him, and forced her daughter to marry his son.

A man barely over forty had destroyed the most powerful empire...ever. A man who had been born to a small barbarian village in present day Romania.

He was now Emperor of Rome. The ruler of the most powerful empire Earth was brought forth, before or since. He wasn't sure how to grow the shrinking borders of Rome, or even keep the name Rome.

But he would think of something.

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