Humanity's Evolution

A story of humanity's highs and lows, and what's its headed for it stays on its present course.


1. 20,000 BC

Head-Thinker and Sky-Watcher sat with the rest of the tribe, hungrily eating the raw meat left over from a tiger's kill. This was the first time they had eaten in nearly a week. Head-Thinker licked his fingers and climbed down from the bluff to drink from their muddy waterhole. He and Sky-Watcher were outcasts, or the equivalent of one or more induividuals not respected or welcome in a group.

Head-Thinker was rather intelligent, having an IQ of twenty, a genius by early Homo sapiens standards. Instead helping the rest of the five-IQed tribe scavenge off of tiger or leopard kills, he would tinker with rocks and sticks, on a good day coming close to forming a rational thought.

Sky-Watcher, his other outcast companion (the concept of friendship was not yet formed) sometimes helped scavenge, but ended up carrying the meat instead of scaring off the tigers with the rest of the tribe. He would stay up at night and gaze at the stars, coming close to a primordial form of wonder and one's own insignificance

The day after, the tribe came home with one bone covered in flesh, a small arm of a monkey. They grudgingly gave Head-Thinker half a mouth full, not enough to stave off the gnawing bite of hunger, but enough to keep him alive. Across the river, a big pack of boars grazed peacefully. 

Any other human after this tribe would grab their wooden spears and kill the pigs, but our tribe had no tools and had no quarrel with the pigs, so long as they kept away.

That night, it rained upon the tribe of early humans harder than ever before. In Northern Africa at this time, it was not yet a vast desert, but climate changes were on their doorstep. Sky-Watcher saw a bolt of lightning streak across the sky, his small brain not able to comprehend what it was. It struck a near him, setting it ablaze. Head-Thinker ran out of the cave and grabbed a thick yet light branch. He brought it closer and closer to the light, until it to started to burn. In surprise, he dropped it onto a pile of branches, setting them ablaze. A tiger, fascinated by the light, silently climbed up the bluff to feast upon the dim-witted humans. 

Head-Thinker, noticing this, picked up the most advanced tool on the planet at the time: a stick with a pointy rock tied on with bird sinew. He threw it into the tiger's hide while the other humans cowered by the warm light. The beast fell and died from the fall and the spear wound. Sky-Watcher climbed down and pulled it back up to the fire, and Head-Thinker used his spear to skin it. They put it on the fire, and beginning the path of humanity: the path of sentience. The road would be long and hard, but the species would become masters of their environment, joining others who made the same journey in the stars.

Head-Thinker and Sky-Watcher didn't know what they would do next in this big new world. But they would think of something.

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