Angel from above

Lucas Monroe is a 13 year old girl who suffers from depression
She happens to meet ashton irwin
Will he be her guardian angel from above


1. my angle

"Sweetie you need to get up so we can weigh you" my nurse Arie says

Today is like any other day. I get up out of the horrible hospital bed and my feet touch the cold hard ground, nothing different from any other day.

"Wait in one of those seats over there I'll be only a few minutes"

great I see there is a new kid here

"Hi my name is ashton" he pulls out his hand

It makes me flinch. It brings back the sad memory of my brother hitting me

It makes me break down in tears

"What did I do I am so sorry"

He tries to pull me in for a hug but I run

"Wait I didn't even get your name, please!" I hear him shouting

I lock myself in the bathroom in my room

I can't help it

I was about to harm myself which I haven't done in about a week which is a record for me but the door is kicked open

Ashton comes over and hugs me

I flinch but for some reason I soon hug back

Tightly. Like if I stop hugging him I'll lose him. He looks at me then my wrists

He sees my bracelets

Then kisses all my scars

I can't help but cry

He kisses my tears away

He is having an affect on me I haven't felt in awhile

It makes me light headed

I fall to my knees

But before I can hit the ground he picks me up. He lays me down on the bed and kisses my forehead "I'm sorry all the trouble I caused, I'll just leave you now"

I haven't talked in three years but I need him to stay


I say in a whisper

I haven't heard myself talk in a long time

And it is so weird to me. He comes over and he cuddles into me. "Only of the princess wants me to."

I can't speak I just nodded

He is so warm

He makes me feel safe

I soon am falling asleep to the sound of Ashton's heartbeat

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