Angel from above

Lucas Monroe is a 13 year old girl who suffers from depression
She happens to meet ashton irwin
Will he be her guardian angel from above


2. letting go

Arie's Pov

I heard everything and saw everything

I can't believe she actually talked to him

He is changing her for the better and it hasn't even been a full day they have known each other

Well technically he knows nothing about her

I believe he deserves to know I walked out from behind the door

I notice he is awake

"Excuse me ashton I believe we need to talk" he gets up from out of bed he kisses her forehead

He is about to leave but she pulls him back down

He whispers so thing in her ear and comes over to me

"Ashton you have saved this girl"

"I - I guess" he stuttered

"Ashton she is on here for depression and she hasn't talked in three years. She usually only writes what she wants to say or nods. It's unbelievable how quickly she reacted to you. I am worried what happens if she gets attached to you, I know you only have- he cuts me off

"I know I only have three months to live but I can't help that, their is no cure for what I have & I know this is stupid I haven't known the girl for 24 hours but I care about her."

I look at him then grab his hand "Look ashton I know you care about her I see the way you look at her but I'm terrified I see the way she looks at you, and three months is a short time ashton I am nervous when you go she suffers then."

"She won't suffer I know I am here for a reason to take care off her."

He gives me a hug then wakes away nothing said

I hear him lock the door

I didn't want to upset him but I know I did so I let him go

Ashton's Pov

I have been to doctors everywhere

I haven't had someone care about me in awhile

My mom didn't believe I had cancer

So she threw me to my grandmas

She didn't believe me either so I hopped on the next train to the second closes hospital

So that's why I'm here

I finally have someone that cares about me

And someone else just wants to fuck it up

"Ugh" I groan and kick the wall

I broke down I'm tears

I look up and see her

She is running over towards me from the bed

She comes down and pulls me in for a hug

I back away

But she just comes closer till our body's are touching

She looks into my eyes

"W- w- we wil-l-l get through thi-i-i-s together"

She doesn't know what's going on

That in three months this will end

I can't help it

I pull her in for a hug

I am so much taller then her my head is in the crook of her neck

And she is rubbing my back

I look up into thoughts brown sparkling eyes of her

She is leaning in what do I do

I care but I don't want to lose her

But before I can say anything I am leaning in to

She is kissing me

And I am kissing her back

I have never felt so much care for someone in my life

She let's go

"I know, I heard, I will never forget you Ashy."

She pulls me down on the couch

I lay down and she lays down on top of me so she is straddling me

I am so confused

I furrow my eye borrows together

Never. Forget. Me. She says while kissing my neck

I am extremely tired and she know

She kisses my neck one last time

Then she kisses my forehead

"Go to bed baby, I'll be here when you wake up"

I fell asleep to her humming a song to me while playing with my hair

I never want my time to end with her

Why does god have to take me away from her

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