Angel from above

Lucas Monroe is a 13 year old girl who suffers from depression
She happens to meet ashton irwin
Will he be her guardian angel from above


3. he isn't leaving me

Lucas Pov

I woke up me still snuggled into ashton, I moved off of him carefully so I wouldn't wake him up. I started looking for her. Arie I said

"what's up hunny"

" We need to talk"

"Okay about what?"

"It's about ashton"

"What about ashton"

"Why does he only have 3 months to live"

" I believe ashton should tell you that"

I scoffed them walked away

I couldn't believe she wouldn't tell me what was wrong about ashton

I'm gonna find out but I'm not going to ask ashton

I went back into my room to see ashton not here

There was a note on the bed side table

The doctors wanted to talk to me I'll be back later

Love ash xx

I found where Ashton's room was

Ever patient has there medical papers on the front of their bed for check ups

That's when I saw it

Ashton needs a new liver

There were no downers yet

I'm losing him for real I can't let this happen

I was running to find him

Went I went past the doctors office

He was in there

"We are so sorry ashton but you have littler time than we told you instead of three months you have 3 weeks we are so sorry"

I saw the doctor leave the room because he was crying

" I don't wanna leave her god, I don't. It's not fair to her. Why did you have to put us together." I heard ashton scream/cry

I needed to get him a liver

I wasn't going to lose him

Not now

Not ever

I love him

Sorry this was a short chapter but you wanted an update so there it was:p I love you all

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