Not all for Nothing

Character Bio: Hi, my name is Acadia Preston, i'm currently 17 years old i am living in my birth place Australia , i am in Year 12 (12th grade in Australia terms) in ArticLeaf Highschool my mum is the Principle there so i get teased because people think i get "Special" treatment which isnt really the case... I hope, my best friends are Brie Novae (17 years old) Tessa Parson (18 years old) and Brent Morgan (18 years old) Which i've had a crush on since Primary school.~ Info: But what Acadia doesn't know but things are soon going to change in her life.


5. The Sleepover

Tessa's P.O.V~

"I'll go get snacks" I say and start walking to the kitchen, I throw in some popcorn and wait for it to be done. "SNAAAAAACKS" I yell and grab the bowl of popcorn and grab 3 sodas from the fridge "Yes! I'm starving" I heard Aca say.


Your P.O.V~

We were in the middle of watching a movie when I got a text message, I grab my phone and read

Travis -.- - Why didn't you show up on the date?

Me- What date? Oh that date, I did show up why didn't YOU show up

Travis -.- - What are you talking about?

Me- Don't play dumb with me!

Travis -.- - I'm not playing, why are you so mad?

Me- You know damn well, I saw you with Alexica.

Travis -.- - Oh... I'm sorry...

I set my phone back on the table I could feel myself slowly drifting asleep. I wake up to the smell of bacon "Is someone making bacon?!" I yell whipping my eyes "Yep" I heard a familiar voice, it was Brent's... I look over to see Tessa and Brie eating at the table, they look at me and shrug as I walk to the kitchen "Brent, what are you doing here...?" I ask as I grab 2 pieces of toast and plop them in the toaster "I just wanted to say sorry for not telling you" He says with his head down but not looking at me, I sigh "It's okay... I guess" I turn him around and hug him, I let go when I hear the toast pop up so I grab them and grab a plate and put eggs, bacon, toast on it and pour some orange juice. After breakfast I walk up to Tessa's room "Hey guys, can I move in with you guys... I'm tired of living with my mum" I say laughing "Err, yeah, we'll change the guest room into your room" Brie says smiling.





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