Not all for Nothing

Character Bio: Hi, my name is Acadia Preston, i'm currently 17 years old i am living in my birth place Australia , i am in Year 12 (12th grade in Australia terms) in ArticLeaf Highschool my mum is the Principle there so i get teased because people think i get "Special" treatment which isnt really the case... I hope, my best friends are Brie Novae (17 years old) Tessa Parson (18 years old) and Brent Morgan (18 years old) Which i've had a crush on since Primary school.~ Info: But what Acadia doesn't know but things are soon going to change in her life.


2. The Party

 When i get home i run upstairs to get changed into something for the party i grab the cloths and get changed (Red Lace crop top with Grey Scalloped Lace Shorts) I clear my face and start to apply the same method as this moring but instead coloring in the wing of Eyeliner at the edge of my eye i brush my hair and put it into a side braid, i than put on my Faux Suede Lace-Up Booties and head out the door when i hear Brie's car horn, i jump into the passenger seat "Where Tessa?" I ask "She took her own car" Brie says ~20 minutes of driving~ i step out of the car along with Brie and we lock arm to arm and walk up to the massive house, when we open the door the music was blasting from the speakers there was red cups everywhere which i was assuming wasnt from punch "Fucking hell" Brie says before we walk into the kitchen to see snacks everywhere and beer bottles smashed and vodka bottles laying on the table me and Brie look at eachother and shrug, she lets go of my arm and goes to look around but i just stayed in the kitchen.


Brie's P.O.V~

I leave Acadia to go look around for some people we may know, when i reach around the corner i see Tessa with a beer bottle in her hand i go over to her "Hey Tessa..." She turns over to look at me "Oh h-hey girly" She says i could smell the Alcohol that came from her hot breath i shrugged it off and went back to the kitchen "Welp, Tessa's drunk" I say to Acadia "Well aint that just peachy" Acadia says "How about you go find Travis or Brent or at least somebody and dont just stand here" I told her before grabbing a bottle of beer and walking back in Tessa's direction.


Your P.O.V~ 

I sighed and walked slightly behind Brie before getting pulled upstairs, i turn around to see Brent "Oh god Brent, you scared me" I said putting my hand on my chest "Sorry" He says before pulling me into a bedroom "What are we doing in here?" I ask him and as i sit on the edge of the bed "Listen, i wanted to warn you about Travis.. Like if you like him or if he asks you out just contain yourself, hes a player" Brent says i was shocked at his words and stood up "I can do whatever i want" I say before leaving the room and walking downstairs only to meet up with Travis "Oh hey Travis" I say blushing he turns around "Oh hey Aca, how are you enjoying the party?" He asks me i just shurg "I'm not sure" I turn around and look up at the top of the stairs only to see Brent and little miss perfect kissing i sigh and turn back to Travis "What's wrong?" He asks me "Nothing" i mutter before looking down at the ground, he grabs my wrist and leads me to where Tessa and Brie and some other people were and he sat on the couch and put me on his lap and warped his arms around my waist, i sat there blushing before turning my head towards him "What are you doing?" I ask him giggling "Uh, duh it's called comfort" He says and puts his head on my shoulder "SPIN THE BOTTLE OVER HERE" I heard someone scream there was at least 5 people in the circle at the moment until Travis stood up and lead me over to play he sat down on the oppisite side and i mouthed to him "But i dont want to play" "Just play Aca, it will be fun" He mouths smirking at me i sigh and look at the first person who was spinning only to see that Brent and Alexica sitting next to eachother the girl who was about to spin the bottle stopped "But the twist is you have to go in the closet for 5 minutes and do whatever you want" She says smirking at everyone i was silent, when she spun the bottle it landed on a blonde guy and they went into the closet about 5 minutes later she comes out while fixing her hair about 10 minutes of playing, it was my turn i spun the bottle and it landed on Travis my heart dropped we both stood up and went to the closet i turned on my timer for 5 minutes "So uhm... I-" I was cut off by him kissing me it was slow and soft he put his hands in the back pockets of my shorts and pushed me closer to him he squeezed my bum he made my way to my neck than back to my lips, after 5 minutes of kissing i grabbed my phone and walked out of the closet only to see Brent with a angry expression on his face, but why was that? 

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