Not all for Nothing

Character Bio: Hi, my name is Acadia Preston, i'm currently 17 years old i am living in my birth place Australia , i am in Year 12 (12th grade in Australia terms) in ArticLeaf Highschool my mum is the Principle there so i get teased because people think i get "Special" treatment which isnt really the case... I hope, my best friends are Brie Novae (17 years old) Tessa Parson (18 years old) and Brent Morgan (18 years old) Which i've had a crush on since Primary school.~ Info: But what Acadia doesn't know but things are soon going to change in her life.


4. The "Date" gone wrong

"Wait what?!" Brie said with anger "Yep" I say getting off my knees "I can't believe he would do that" Brie says "I completely agree.."

~Next day

 Your P.O.V~

I quickly jump into the shower after 10 minutes i get out and grab my cloths that i layed out on the bed (At the top of the dress it was a flower design and at my waist and to my lower waist it was Black) after i put that on i Blowdry my hair and brush it out, i grab my makeup bag and apply my Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner i put a wing at the end of my eye i then start to put foundation under my eyes and than all around my face, after my hair was dry i put it in a messy bun and put on my while flats i then grab my Brown Messager bag and quickly walk downstairs and grab my keys "Mum im leaving" I say than slam the front door ~At the Carnival~

When i reach the Carnival i waited where he told me to wait. After 10 minutes i started to get worried so i decided to call him but it went straight to voicemail, i sat on the bench as i look around i see something that brought me to tears, Travis and Alexica holding hands and hugging my heart dropped i could feel my eyes turn to glass when i tear up, i just get off the bench and secretly flip him off and start walking to my car, i felt like i fast forward from life because i was instantly in my car crying my eyes out my Mascara ran down my face as the tears dripped from my eyes. I decide to go over to Tessa and Brie's house to tell them what i saw, once i reach their house i knocked on the door Brie opened the door and stood there she opened her arms out and i instantly hugged her as she pulled me inside "What happened?!" Tessa asks trying to confort me once i sit on the couch "Travis... I-I was waiting for him to go on our d-date and i saw him w-with-" I tried to force out my words but i started crying again "With Alexica, right?" Brie says i slowly turn my head to hers "How did you know?..." I asked her "Brent told me.." She says i stopped crying and looked at her "And you didn't tell me?!" I started to get a bit angry, which was stupid because i knew it wasnt her fault "I'm sorry..." She says putting her hand on my shoulder i just sigh and hug her "I can't believe Brent didn't tell me..." I started to cry again "Shh, Acadia it's alright... I thought he would of told you too..." Brie says i nod and sit on the couch "Want to watch a movie" Tessa asks me, i slowly shake my head as Tessa turns on a comedy movie "I'll go get snacks" I heard Tessa say, suddenly i got a text... From Brent i sigh and read it

Brent: Hey, i heard what happened im so sorry Aca.

I looked at the phone and decided to text back

 Me: Sure you are

 Brent: What's wrong?

Me: Nothing just the fact that you didn't fucking tell me that Travis was cheating on me with your slut of a girlfriend

Brent: She's not my girlfriend anymore.. And im sorry Aca, please forgive me

I set my phone on the table sighing "Who was it?" Brie asks "It was Brent" Brie looks at me and than back at the movie "SNAAAAAAAAACKS" I heard Tessa scream as she sets them on the table me and Brie giggle as we start eating popcorn and drinking soda, i have a feeling tonight is going to be so much fun

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