Not all for Nothing

Character Bio: Hi, my name is Acadia Preston, i'm currently 17 years old i am living in my birth place Australia , i am in Year 12 (12th grade in Australia terms) in ArticLeaf Highschool my mum is the Principle there so i get teased because people think i get "Special" treatment which isnt really the case... I hope, my best friends are Brie Novae (17 years old) Tessa Parson (18 years old) and Brent Morgan (18 years old) Which i've had a crush on since Primary school.~ Info: But what Acadia doesn't know but things are soon going to change in her life.


3. Explainations

When i got home i dress into a grey tank top and blue pj pants i put my phone on the charger and pull the covers over me and close my eyes. I wake up to a text message i grab my phone to check who it was from~

Brie Boo: Hey Aca, beach day :) meet me at the beach at 1

Me: Mmk~

I lock my phone and get up i walk to the bathroom and clear my face i sigh and go to my closet and picking out my Black Bikini i grab my white see-through bathing suit cover up than going back to my bathroom to put on waterproof mascara, i walk downstairs and grab my shades and put on my black sandles "Where are you going?" My mum asks "To the beach" I say and grab my car keys and open the door, i drive to the beach and grab my beach bag walking over to a giant tent which i knew was Tessa's because we always have beach partys, but to my suprise i see decorations and a banner that said Happy Birthday Poobear, i laugh "You guys remembered" I said hugging Brie "Of course we remembered your 18th Birthday girl" Tessa says hugging me after i look around for anyone else "Is it just you two?" i say a disappointed "Nope" I turn around to see Brent "Brent, i didnt think you would come" I say smiling and than hugging him there was a tap on my shoulder and i turn around to see Travis i smile and jump into his arms "I wasn't expecting you here either" I say as he sets me down i kiss his cheek and grab a towel out of my bag "Girls, tanning?" I said Brie and Tessa grab their towels and take off their cover ups and so did i, we set our towels on the sand and lay down i lay on my stomach with my shades over my eyes i turn to look at Brie "So what are you and Travis exactly?" She asks me i blush "I'm not sure, i mean he hasnt asked me out but im hoping" I say and turning my head back around only to see Brent walking over to me he gets on his knees "Happy Birthday Aca" He says smiling i plop up on my elbow and pull my shades up to the top of my head "Thanks Brent" I smile, i look over to see Travis looking at me i smile and get up walking over to him and sitting on top of the table "Happy Birthday, and for your birthday i shall take you out" Travis says "Mr. King, are you asking me out?" I say shocked "Well duh" he says i cup his face and kiss him he stands between my legs and puts his arms around my waist as we kiss.


Brent's P.O.V~

I was shocked that she just left me there to go over to Travis i turn around to see them talking but she smiles but it wasnt her normal cute smile that melts the earth it was more like a smile that i wasnt happy about than all of a sudden she kisses him i was mad but than they didnt pull apart which made me super pissed, i have to admit i like Acadia but obviously she doesnt feel the same, Brie looks at me and laughs "What?!" i say still angry she points over to Travis and Acadia "That, you like her dont you?" i had no emotion to that question "A little..." I say which i regreted "A little, come on Brent look for yourself your angry arnt you?" She says chuckling "Is it really that noticeable?" I ask her "Yeah, but you shouldnt like her you have a girlfriend" She says i just blankly stare at her "Actually.. I broke up with her, turns out she was cheating on me" I could tell Brie saw the anger in my eyes "With who?" She asks sitting up from tanning, i sigh "With..."     

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