Not all for Nothing

Character Bio: Hi, my name is Acadia Preston, i'm currently 17 years old i am living in my birth place Australia , i am in Year 12 (12th grade in Australia terms) in ArticLeaf Highschool my mum is the Principle there so i get teased because people think i get "Special" treatment which isnt really the case... I hope, my best friends are Brie Novae (17 years old) Tessa Parson (18 years old) and Brent Morgan (18 years old) Which i've had a crush on since Primary school.~ Info: But what Acadia doesn't know but things are soon going to change in her life.


1. ArticLeaf High welcomes me back in sorrow

I was so excited to see my friends, it's been 4 weeks since the last time i've seen them, my mum made me go on a trip with my grandparents which i didn't enjoy once so ever... I wake up to my alarm clock, i groan before trying to hit the snooze button i was unsuccessful i lift my head up and snooze it, the door slowly starts to open "Acadia... Wa-" My mum begins "Oh you're already up, great" My mum says before closing my door, i throw off the covers and stepping onto my cold wooden floor i rush to my closet and grab some cloths before walking to my bathroom to take a shower, when i get out i get changed into my cloths (Navy Blue crop top with white ripped shorts) i grab my brush and start to brush out the tiny knots that formed in my long wavy brunette hair, i apply some Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner i add a wing to the line of Eyeliner. I grab my black flats and quickly slip them on before grabbing my floral backpack and rushing out the door, i see my bus start to drive off and i run as fast as i could but not fast enough, Oh come on i cant believe i just missed the bus! I grab a tighter grip on the stings of my backpack and start to walk 10 minutes to school when i reach the doors i open them slowly and walk down the hallways everyone was staring at me which made me very unconfortable, i reach my locker to see if Brie,Tessa and Brent were there, and i was right i rush to them "Hey guys!" I yell excited and turn to my locker and putting in my combination before taking out my books and stuffing my bag in "Hey.... Brent got a girlfriend while you were gone" Brie mutters, i tighten my grib on the end of my locker making my knuckles white as snow "Oh uhm.. Great" I whisperd before slamming my locker shut and echoing the hallways "And who might it be?" I say look at them "Alexica Noris..." Tessa says, seriously? Alexica fucking Noris?! she's been my enemy ever since Year 9, and he's dating her?! this made my mood drop "Yeah, it happened 2 weeks ago" I heard Alexica say smirking while she walks over to Brent and kissing him on the cheek, i felt my face fill up with anger i look at Brent but he seemed to have no emotion to it he was just blankly staring at me i walk over to him and wave my hand in his face "Hello? Earth the Breeent?" Brent snaps out of it and looks at Alexica and than back at me "Oh hey Aca, sorry i zoomed out" He said, i started to giggle "I noticed" He smiled at me which by the looks of it made Alexica very angry because she turned him around and pulled his face to hers and was LITERLLY SUCKING HIS FACE OFF, i looked at her in disgust and turned around with Brie and Tessa following just a few inches behind i turn around to see Brent just standing there looking at me i shake it off and walk to my classroom with Brie, we sit in the far back and wait for Brent which suprisingly didn't get to class till 3 minutes after the bell he takes a seat next to his jock friend Travis King and to be honest i have a tiny crush on him ~Bell Rings~ i grab my books and walk with Brie to lunch i turn around to see Travis trying to catch up to us with Brent at his side they finally do and Travis walks next to me "Hey Aca, hows it going?" Travis asks "I'm good how about you?" I say not looking up at him "I'm fine.. Now" he says a little flirty, i look at Brent when he clears his throat he looked tensed "Hey Aca, i was wondering me and my friends are having a party and i think you should come" I look at Travis and smile "Yeah sure, is my friends invited?" I ask "Almost everyone's invited" He says smiling at me he starts to walk the other way and i wave goodbye to him.      

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