This girl named Nevaeh just moved to Australia gets a call her world turns around within a hour.


1. unknown number




Chapter 1

Nevaeh P.O.V

I wake up to someone pushing me. "Wake up Nevaeh you can't be late for your first day of school in Australia."


"Ok am love u."

I get up and go get in the shower. After I get out I get dressed in a home made 5sos shirt and ripped skinny jeans with my hair in a ponytail and I head off to school. I get to school. When I get my locker combo I find my locker I put everything in my locker when I close it I see a kid named Brad only a few lockers down from me. I grabbed my stuff and headed off to my classes.

After school


I am walking home when my phone started to ring I answered a guy answers (h=him and m=me)

M: Hi who is this?

H: Hey I am Ashton. Who are you?

M: I'm Nevaeh how did you get my number?

H: Long story.

M: I am going to go say hi to my neighbors Bye.

H: Bye... Call ended

I walked next door and knocked 3 times. I heard someone running down the stairs. A boy opened the door. "H-H-Hey  i'm Nevaeh."

"H-Hey i am Lucas my friends call me Luke."

"Nice to meet you Lucas. I really like that name."

"Nice to meet you too?"


"Ok i need to remember that. Would you like to come in Nevaeh?"


I think he is cute. I hope we become friends. "Hey Lucas can we be.." I get Interrupted by some knocking like something bad just happened. I think it is the guy that called me earlier i over heard the name Ashton. He is sitting next to me and Lucas is sitting on the other side of me. I am so stressed right now. 

"Whats your name bae?"

Did he just call me bae? "Nevaeh. What is your name?"

"Ashton my friends call me Ash."

"Ok can we watch a movie?"

"Lets watch MEAN GIRLS!!!!"

"You're so predictable Luke."

"I'm ok with it i absolutely LOVE Mean Girls."


Luke's P.O.V   



Cliffhanger sorry i hate them as much as you probably do. I will update in an hour to a day. 

 Hope you liked my first chapter of my first book... BYE


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