This girl named Nevaeh just moved to Australia gets a call her world turns around within a hour.


3. Getting to know you all



 Luke's P.O.V

 I think Nevaeh is cute. I only can like her as a friend not like that i have a girl friend and if she found out she would kill me. Yes i have a girl friend her name in Azalea she is nice. I got up to wake up Nevaeh she was on my chest i wake her we had breakfast and all of that. We were finishing Mean Girls."Nevaeh do you have a boyfriend?" i asked. "Yes i do." she said. "May i ask who?". "Ya his name is Josiah he was from NY." ."I didn't know you came from NY that must have been one long flight. WOW!!!!" i say.  "What is with the accent then?" Ash asked. "I was born in Britten and there i met a Harry and a Louis they are in One Direction. When i was 14 i moved to Ireland and there i met Niall also in One Direction. Then 15 NY 16 Australia." she said. "WOW!!!" Ash and i say at the same time. She must have been everywhere.


Ash's P.O.V

SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!! Omg she is the most beautiful thing i ever saw and will see i hope that to her face but she has boyfriend  i don't want to destroy there relationship I think I love her but she does not love me.

Nevaeh's P.O.V

I ended up going home layer that day I took a shower and then I changed into this (at the end of chapters). I wrote in my diary it said

Dear diary,

I met a kid named Lucas and his friend Ashton I kinda have a thing for Ashton. I hope he feels the same. I bet he doesn't. Why am I trying I need to break up with Josiah because you now live in Australia and have feelings for Ashton. END

I am going to the store I am on YouTube and all the sudden someone pins me agents a tree and started kissing my neck and then his hand started going up my leg so I scream "Help Help!!" "Shut up!" He said. Suddenly someone came and punched him"You ok?"he asked "Ya sorry but who are you!" "I am Michael you can call me Mike." "Hi Mike I am Nevaeh thanks a lot." "It's ok bae where are you going?"he asked. "Store and let me guess you are friends with Ashton?" "Yes I am let me take you home and how did you know?" "He also called me bae I kinda like it it just that my boyfriend used to call--" I get interrupted by someone grabbing my shoulder "There you are see you found Mike." Ashton how did he find me. "What happened?"Ash asked. Told him everything and he was crazy! He got all worked up I don't know why?does he care about me?!? I hope so. We got to my house and there was a kid walking up to the door and knocking I stopped him and showed them my house. The one kid is Calum he was nice all of them were I met Azalea and had a fun time all the boys are there and Azalea. I think me and Azalea will be BFFs Yea!!

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