This girl named Nevaeh just moved to Australia gets a call her world turns around within a hour.


6. back to school

Nevaeh's P.O.V I woke up and i didn't want to go to hell aka school. I got into the shower when i got out i look at my phone and it was 6:00 so i head off to school i live 5 miles from school so... FUN!!! I get to school people started calling me names and hated me for no reason it happened in my old school so i'm used to it. After school "Hey." someone behind me said i didn't know who? "Hey? You are?" "Kat no worries i'm not going to heart you. I heard what everybody was calling you. Why were they calling you a murderer?" "They think i murdered my mom cuz she was stabbed back in NY. Seance i am old enough to move and had enough money i moved to Australia." I said I think she started to cry because she didn't say eneything and this guy came up to me and started to yell at me."Why did you make my girlfriend cry!?! I'm going to beat the shit out of you!!" Then he grabbed me and slammed me against the wall and was going to punch me when Calum came with his girlfriend. He helped me and I told him what happened. The stranger said sorry. I finally get to go home when I get pined against the fence and tryed to kill me so I knock him out . Then I here screaming and people started calling me that name and I went to be alone and didn't work Ash and Luke came in I toils them everything and they understood and helped me. I now have no boyfriend so happy times.


I am sorry I had to quit because I had family and I had friends over for a party!! I love you guys and my new Movella called Bad Boys Gone Good. I am still working on it so ok. Sorry for the short chapter I am lonely and all of that. Bye.


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