Dirty Hands and Purple Sand for Blood

They were just two girls with dirty hands and purple sand for blood.

(Rated [Red] for language and mild to violent scenes; may be graphic)


5. Should have stayed Home



"Why is it that every time before we go out, something happens to us?" Laney hissed as she sat with her arms crossed over her chest, sitting with her back straight. She pointedly ignored looking over at her best friend who sat at her side in the other chair, her posture slack.

"It wasn't exactly my fault this time."

"Right, but as always, if you're there, it'll always be your fault."

Sadie looked over to her friend, noticing how upset she sounded. 

"I'm sorry I got you into this Laney—"

"It wasn't your fault, Sadie, and yet they blame you every time."


Just as the younger girl was about to answer, she watched as her vice principal entered the office and sat down across from them.

"I was wondering when you two would show up in my office."

"Ms. Cornwell, I can explain —" Sadie began, but was promptly cut off by the wave of the woman's hand.

"I prefer to hear this incident from Laney, Ms. Green."

​​Sadie sunk in her seat.


"It was Hannah," Laney said, not letting Ms. Cornwell address her, "she was bothering me and Sadie got upset when she mentioned my.... situation."

Sadie clenched her fists, sighing angrily.

"And why didn't you go to a teacher? Or come here?"


"Teachers never listen and you always blame me," Sadie snapped, standing suddenly, her chair falling backwards.

"Ms. Green!"

Laney reached out to grab her friend's arm, but Sadie jerked away from her.

"Sadie —"



"Ms. Sawyer, would you please excuse yourself from my office. I need to have a chat with your Ms. Green."

Laney watched as Sadie pulled the chair back up before sitting down angrily, crossing her arms and ignoring the older girl.

"Yes, ma'am."


Laney walked out of the office, shutting the door behind her. She quickly pulled out one of her notebooks and a pen, writing Sadie a small note and leaving it folded on one of the chairs that were lined against the wall outside.



"Laney?" Mrs. Hemmings said when she entered the class. 

Instead of answering her, Laney handed her a paper and walked over to her seat, not caring that everybody was staring at her.

It was Luke that caught her attention, because for one: he was actually in class. He looked bored, and maybe had even fallen asleep at some point, but he was there. She cleared her throat quietly, and waited for him to scoot his chair up, before sliding through to get to her seat.


"You're late," she heard when got herself situated.

"Didn't notice."

Luke looked over at Laney, smirking, "Where were you, golden girl?"

"Hiding a body."

"No, really. Where?"

She looked back at him, her breath hitching when she noticed he was still staring at her. 


Laney sighed, "In the vice principal's office."

Luke blinked at her surprised, sitting up straighter in his chair, "Really?"



"Luke, because I don't know, I'm not going to burden you with my problems."

Luke leaned his head on his hand, 

"It's no burden. You're way more interesting than school."


Before Laney could answer, and as she felt her cheeks redden, she heard both of their names being called out, "Luke, Laney, do you have something to say to the rest of the class?" 

Laney turned her gaze away from the boy, looking over at Mrs. Hemmings. She shook her head shyly, before knocking her knee against Luke's. He cleared his throat, 

"No, ma'am."

Mrs. Hemmings nodded at both of them, raising an eyebrow before turning back to the board to write down a few more notes. 


"Sorry," Laney whispered.

"No problem."


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