Dirty Hands and Purple Sand for Blood

They were just two girls with dirty hands and purple sand for blood.

(Rated [Red] for language and mild to violent scenes; may be graphic)


1. Prologue



"You know, we could get into trouble because of this."

"It won't be that bad. Quit worrying, you're spoiling my fun."

Laney rolled her eyes at her best friend, looking around nervously before huffing, "Fine, c'mon."

Sadie smiled, "You are the best."


Sadie turned the corner of the street they were currently standing at, walking confidently into an alley way. Laney jogged behind her quickly, reaching out to hook her index finger in her best friend's belt loop. When they managed to reach the garbage bin that sat about halfway through the alley, Sadie pointed at the door hiding behind it.


"We are so in."


Laney shook her head, "No way! You said you wanted to come, and I'm fine with that. But not sneaking in!"

"How else did you think we were gonna get in?"


Laney opened and closed her mouth a few times, before pouting at Sadie.

"If I-"

"Save it; I'll take the blame if we get in trouble."


"Thanks, I guess," Laney mumbled as the younger girl walked away from her and towards the door. She gave the door a tug, and when it wouldn't budge, she tugged harder. 

It opened with a creak, which made both girls suck in a quick breath; after a moment Sadie smiled and turned to her best friend, 


"Well? You coming or not?"




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