Dirty Hands and Purple Sand for Blood

They were just two girls with dirty hands and purple sand for blood.

(Rated [Red] for language and mild to violent scenes; may be graphic)


6. Let's have a Toast



Sadie is pretty sure that her eardrums are going to explode, but right now she could care less. She'd lost Laney the moment they walked in, someone tugging the older girl into the kitchen.

She'll be fine, Sadie thought, Laney knows how to take care of herself.


The girl watched as Cam walked over to her, sliding an arm around her waist in greeting.

"Come on.They just brought the kegs."



"What the hell?!" Laney struggled as her arms were pulled behind her back. She felt her back pressed against someone's chest.

"Didn't know you be here."

Laney shuddered.

"You never asked," the person let go of her, and she spun around to face him.

"Wasn't sure if I was allowed to talked to you."


Luke, Laney wondered, who the hell are you?

Laney averted her gaze, choosing instead to look at tiled floor. She could feel Luke shift from one foot to the other, before leaning in to her.

"Come on. Want to go meet up with someone."


The girl looked up just in time for Luke to grab her arm gently and guide her further into the kitchen, where there was a small circle of people in the corner chatting. Laney's not sure when, but at some point from being pulled into the kitchen and finding their way towards the group, a red cup of something managed to find its way into her hand. Maybe its that she doesn't care, or the fact that Luke handed it to her, that makes her drink half of it in one go.




Now, she'll never admit to just how many parties she's actually gone to, but she definitely knows that voice.

And her thoughts are confirmed when she sees a familiar head of curly hair.


Everyone in the group turned to face Laney, looking at her wearily.

Ashton smiled at her, ignoring the group and walking towards her, pulling her into a hug.



Laney remembers the first time she met Ashton; it was around the time Cam was having his Halloween party.  She'd never seen him around before, so of course it made her curious to see someone new at Cam's party. She'd kept her distance throughout most of the night, until she had left Sadie's side to get another drink.


Ashton was in the kitchen, sitting on the counter with a beer bottle in his hands. Laney found it weird that he was there alone and not with Cam, but it made sense since he was obviously new to Cam's parties.

Her plan had been to ignore the curly haired boy and get her drink, but with her luck, he had looked over at her and made eye-contact.

They had both just stared at each other, and Laney felt uncomfortable for a few moments, before the boy had smiled. She'd let out a deep breath, but smiled anyway, walking towards the counter.


"You're new here."

The boy had shrugged.

"Nice to meet you too."

She ended up staying with Ashton for the rest of the night in the kitchen, her back pressed uncomfortably against the cabinets from where she sat next to the older boy.


"I'm Laney by the way."





"You are definitely a sight for sore eyes," The curly haired boy mumbled into her shoulder.

"I've been busy," Laney sighed, squeezing Ashton's shoulders affectionately before pulling back.

"Where's Sadie?"


Before Laney could answer, she remembered why she was in the kitchen in the first place. For a moment Laney stared at a confused looking Ashton before she turned around to find the blonde boy a few feet away smirking at her. She walked over to him, raising an eyebrow slightly,

"How do you-"

"Went to school with him. My mother taught him for a few years as well."

"Are you friends with everyone that defies your mother?"

Luke leaned in, bumping his nose against her cheek, whispering, "Only the fun ones."


Without thinking, Laney placed her hands on the boy's chest, as if to push him away, but instead grabbing the lapels of his jean jacket. She felt one of Luke's arms wrap around her waist, pulling her closer, but otherwise ignoring her as he greeted Ashton. 


Now, it wasn't like she hasn't been close to Luke before, but this was on a whole new level. They had never really touched, only when he'd grabbed her hand or when she'd pass him a pencil or paper, but this-

It was as if it wasn't anything new to Luke to have Laney this close; to have her pressed against him, almost casually, as he talked to an old friend. It almost felt natural.


Laney wasn't finding it as weird as she thought it would be to have someone holding her so close. Showing affection was never something Laney felt was necessary to a relationship. It was the one thing she despised when being with someone because it always made her feel like it was more of showing ownership on her. If you were meant to be with someone, wouldn't they want to keep their affections just for you to see, to feel, to know?


But Luke rubbing soothing circles on her back, squeezing her waist softly every once in a while, had her head spinning. Different things that Laney tried to concentrate on became nothing but a steady stream of LukeLukeLuke. He quickly became the only thing in her mind at the moment, and she felt drunk. Not on the one drink she had had, but on the boy who held her close.

How pathetic, Laney thought, letting out a small hysteric laugh.

"What it is?" Luke pulled her out of her thoughts.


She tugged on his jacket, motioning with her head towards the entrance of the kitchen, not saying anything other than the mumbled "too stuffy". 



"You alright?" Luke asked her once they walked out of the house, watching her carefully.

Laney took a deep breath, leaning back against the brick wall, nodding numbly.

"I told you; it was stuffy."

The boy looked at her for a moment before shrugging, "Okay."


"You can go back if you want, Luke. I'll be fine."

Laney watched as the boy leaned next to her against the wall and smirked, shaking his head while pulling out a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his flannel,

"It'd be no fun without you."


While Luke lit a cigarette, Laney was finally able to see how the boy actually looked.

He had dark wash jeans with a band t-shirt, covered up by the red flannel that looked a size too big for him. His hair was styled up as usual but somehow looked sort of flattened down, and Laney was pretty sure that at some point he'd had a hat on.


"Where's your friend?"

Laney stared at Luke, not really processing his question, and blinking at him in confusion.


"Your friend? The tiny one with dirty-blonde hair? She did come with you, right?"

Laney nodded dumbly, "Yeah. Why are you asking?"

Luke threw the cigarette bud on the ground, crushing it with his shoe, before standing straight and shrugging (he does that a lot, Laney thought absentmindedly), 

"The entire hour you've been here, she hasn't come to check on you once. Thought it was weird."

We've been here for only an hour?!, Laney rolled her eyes in frustration, this is a living nightmare.


"This isn't really your thing, is it?"

Laney laughed, "Oh, you have no idea."

"Why? Why do you come to these shit parties? Why do you do it?"

The girl opened her mouth to answer, when she realized she didn't have one. She had no real reason as to why she would go to all these parties. Was she really there to have fun? To get drunk? To spend time with Sadie?

"You don't know," Luke said; it wasn't a question, and Laney suddenly felt like she didn't want to be at this party anymore.


"Hey, if you find Sadie, can you tell her I wasn't feeling good," Laney asked as she pushed off the wall, grabbing Luke's wrist and squeezing it gently.

"You need a ride?"

"No, just tell Sadie that, yeah?"


She'll never know what compelled her to do it, but she leaned in and gave Luke a kiss on the cheek, just a short gentle brush of the lips, before letting go of his wrist and walking towards her car without so much as a goodbye. 



(Later on, Luke had asked Ashton to help him find Sadie; she was wasted, and Luke was pretty sure at one point she had been near the kegs. Of course, he'd told Ashton not to go near her, as Cam had her glued against him, and anybody who tried to mess with the girl Cam had with him for the night, was sure to be kicked out. How sensitive, Luke thought.) 

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