Dirty Hands and Purple Sand for Blood

They were just two girls with dirty hands and purple sand for blood.

(Rated [Red] for language and mild to violent scenes; may be graphic)


4. Laney Sawyer



Laney was comfortable enough with herself to know just who she was. She knew what she liked, what she didn't like, what she loved, what she hated; the list could go on forever.

She'd never imagine that being friends with Sadie would cause her so much trouble. Laney knew Sadie was a good person and would always look out for her, yet the moment she started to hang out with the younger girl, she had been warned by some of her closest friends at the time not to go anywhere near her.

"She's a bad person, Laney. She'll cause you nothing but trouble."

The older girl had always brushed off those comments, and sometimes even felt offended for her friend. How dare people say that she was a bad person without even getting to know her?

Sadie was known to be a loner, and known for having a reputation. It wasn't like Laney didn't know; hell, she'd even believed it for a time, but then she realized how wrong she was.


Because they were alike.

As much as she didn't want to admit it in the beginning, Laney was more alike than different when it came to the other girl. 

Sadie was misunderstood and mistreated, and she'd never had a close friendship like the one she had with Laney.

Sadie had come into Laney's life at the wrong time, and it was so confusing as to how she'd managed not to push the younger girl away.


It was unknown to the rest of her fellow classmates that her parents were in the middle of a nasty divorce, had been since that summer, and Sadie had found out by accident.

She had been leaning against one of the huge trees outside in the front of the school, waiting for her older brother to pick her up, when she'd noticed a girl walking in the same direction she use to walk home. Without really thinking, she'd walked over to her and asked where she was headed. The brunette girl had frowned, and told her where she was going before asking why she cared.

"Walking alone is dangerous."

"Why the fuck does it matter to you if I walk home alone?"

Of course, it had taken Sadie by complete surprise that her high school's golden girl had such a colorful language. She had smiled sympathetically, realizing that all this girl was at school(she'd remembered by that time that the girl's name was Laney; Laney Sawyer) was nothing more than a facade. She knew how she felt, after all, Sadie had once been a golden girl at her old school.

They had walked together, Sadie not really knowing why Laney hadn't chased her away, but it was only until they reached the older girl's house, that Sadie wondered if it had been a good idea to walk the girl home.


There had been screaming, and arguing, and then Laney's voice had joined in, her father, Sadie presumed, running outside after her mother, who seemed to be the angriest out of all three of them.

Laney's mother had immediately reacted to seeing Sadie.

"Who's this?"

"No one, I-"

"You know you can't have any friends over."

"She wasn't going to stay-"

"For God's sake, Elizabeth, let her be."

Laney's mother turned back to her husband, and it turned into arguing once more, but this time it had been over Sadie.


She still doesn't understand why Laney had defended her, doesn't know why she had sat with her at lunch the next day, doesn't know why she stilled talked to her.


The school's golden girl and the girl with a reputation had become the infamous pair of friends. Wherever Laney went, Sadie followed. If there was a football game, Sadie would be there with Laney sitting at her side.


They were inseparable. 

Teachers became worried for Laney, even though she never slacked and she'd never get in trouble. Sadie cleaned up after herself a little bit too, actually trying her best in school and leaving a few of the teachers in anger because of their predictions on how she would end up.

Dead and alone. Just like she deserved.

Laney never saw that reputation in Sadie after the incident at her house. She was grateful for the younger girl. 


No one knew her like Sadie did.



Friday had come and passed, school was a bore and Sadie had fallen asleep more times in class than Laney could count.

It wasn't until after AP Calculus (Luke hadn't shown up to class with his friend again; Mrs. Hemmings looking nothing more than disappointed), that Sadie had come running towards her, a gigantic smile framing her face.

"You will not believe what I just heard!"

"That screaming can cause major hearing damage?" Laney asked as she placed her hands over her ears.

"No," Sadie stuck her tongue out, "Cam is throwing a party tomorrow because his parents are out of town and won't be back until next Wednesday."

Laney blinked at her friend, "And?"

"And? We're going!"

"Oh," the older girl made a face, "I don't know."

"No, we are so going. He throws the best parties, and he doesn't give a shit who comes. You could be a total nerd and still manage to get in to his party."


"You do realize who we are right?"

Laney smiled as Sadie rolled her eyes, "He wants us there. The 'infamous duo' at a party is like crowning the queen. We are the reason why things are cool."

"You make the night, I simply follow."

"Say the one who can hold more liquor than I can."

The older girl shushed her, "No one needs to know that."

"You should get out of that shell. It's time you go from golden girl, into bad girl."

"You're insane," Laney said disbelievingly. 



Laney stops listening to her, because when she looks over Sadie's head, she sees Luke staring straight at her. He's at a locker, which she assumes that it's his, and he's just watching her.

"Hey, how 'bout we settle this over lunch."

"Okay, I'll see you in the cafeteria. Do you want anything?"

"Just get me a water."

Sadie rolls her eyes one more time before punching the older girl's shoulder lightly, and walking away from her.


The hallway starts to clear out, and Laney takes her time getting her things. It isn't until she sees one last person turn the corner, when she turns back to her locker only to see Luke leaning against Sadie's.

She jumps and gasps, "What the hell?"

He crosses his arms.

"You weren't in class today."

"How much did you hear?"


Laney feels slightly taken aback; he knew?

"I-I-I- don't-"

"Yes you do. How much did you hear?"

"Enough," She answered quietly.

He nods, looking down at his shoes before looking back up to her. 


"You're the only student in school that knows she's my mom."

"Besides your friend?"

Luke nods again.

"I won't tell."

"I know you won't."


"Are you okay?" Laney asked, but by the way Luke glares at her, she thinks that may not have been a good idea.

"Why do you care?"

She stays silent.

"Does it matter?"

"I-I don't know," she whispered.

Luke stays put for a moment before smirking, pushing off the locker and began walking backwards.


"See you around."


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