Dirty Hands and Purple Sand for Blood

They were just two girls with dirty hands and purple sand for blood.

(Rated [Red] for language and mild to violent scenes; may be graphic)


2. Just the Beginning



"You would think, after having Mr. Mulroney as a teacher twice, he'd finally warm up to me."

"Maybe, Sadie, if you actually paid attention in his class and stopped trying to hit him in the forehead with your spitballs, he'd warm up to you."

Sadie shrugged as she leaned against her locker, watching her best friend open hers, "History is not my favorite subject, we went through this already."

Laney rolled her eyes, "Then you could kiss the friendship you want with Mr. Mulroney 'goodbye'."

"Ew," The younger girl wrinkled her nose, "I never said I wanted a friendship with him; and there is definitely no kissing involved." 

Laney laughed, "That's not what I meant."

"I know."


Just as Laney finished gathering her things from her locker, she heard someone call out her name. She turned to her left, smiling immediately at the figure running towards her, his bag slipping off his shoulders. 



"Hi John."

"Are you coming to the S.C. meeting?"


Laney shook her head, "I can't do student council this week, John. Me and Sadie have Book Club."

John pouted, "So, I'll be all alone?"

The younger girl reached out to pat the boy on the shoulder, "Sorry bud."

"Tell you what," Laney said, "I'll send Jason all this week to take notes for me. That way you won't be alone; how's that sound?"

John smiled at the two friends, "I'll be outside of Mr. Walker's room. Tell Jason I'll be waiting for him!"


John gave the girls one last wave as he began to run in the opposite way Laney and Sadie were walking. Sadie waited until John was out of sight to turn to her best friend, "Jason is still taking notes for you?"

"He still owes me."

"For what?"

Laney raised an eyebrow at the younger girl, "You seriously don't remember the incident in the cafeteria?"

"You mean the food fight Jason started during our freshman year?"

"Not just the food fight."

Sadie gave Laney a confused look, "What do you... oh."

"Yeah. He's still paying for that."


Sadie hooked her arm with Laney's, staring dumbly at the ground, "But... Laney, that was almost three years ago."

"And, yet, it still feels like it was yesterday."

"He must feel really bad."


"Or maybe," Laney smirked, "it's because I threatened him."

"What?!" Sadie let out a laugh in disbelief, "You? Threaten Jason? Not possible."

"Okay, whatever you say."

"No. No! That's not possible!"

"Sure, if you think that."

Sadie shoved Laney playfully, causing both girls to begin to laugh.



Stupid AP Calculus, Laney thought to herself, had to be the only class I didn't have with Sadie. Laney sat in the third row, knowing well that if she sat in the back she wouldn't pay attention, and if she sat in the front she'd pay too much attention. It was odd to her, to think that so many people fought for the seats in the back; how good can those seats really be?

She payed no attention to her fellow classmates as they bickered with each other on who would take which seat, and opted instead to take out her textbook and notebook. It was only when her teacher walked into the classroom that the students had finally quieted down, waiting for the lesson to begin.


It wasn't their usual teacher, Mr. Kerrin; Laney watched as the woman grabbed a whiteboard marker and wrote her name in neat cursive writing.


Mrs. Hemmings.


"Good morning. You all must be wondering where Mr. Kerrin is. He told me that he would like me to tell you all that he has retired and that he will miss all of you dearly."

Laney watched as Mrs. Hemmings became surprised to just how many of the students actually frowned and protested. It wouldn't have seemed very odd if she knew the junior's story: Mr. Kerrin was the class' first teacher after all, and knowing that they were clearly going to be his last made them very upset.

"I'm very sorry to hear just how sad you are," The teacher smiled sympathetically, "but I want you all to know that I will try my best to take up Mr. Kerrin's place."

Laney frowned at the thought of someone else taken up Mr. Kerrin's classroom; she let it go after a moment, realizing it wasn't up to her to make any decisions for the school.


"Now, if you could all please take out your notebooks, we will be doing some notes and then we'll move onto the textbook."


Halfway through the lesson, the classroom door opened, revealing two boys. Laney looked up from her notebook, where she had been drawing doodles on the margins, when she heard the door creak.

"Ah," Mrs. Hemmings said in a monotone voice, "I see you two have finally decided to join us."

The boy with the green hair smiled, answering sarcastically, "It wasn't exactly by choice."

The teacher raised on of her eyebrows, shaking her head slightly. She looked over the green-haired boy's to make eye-contact with the boy behind him.

"Do you have anything to add to that, young man?"

The boy with the blonde hair shook his head, gripping the strap of his backpack tighter.


"Have a seat you two; and both of you will stay after class."

Laney watched as the boy with green hair walked straight to the desk behind her, rolling his eyes and mumbling a stream of words she couldn't make out. The blonde, instead of taking the seat next to his friend, stared at the empty desk next to Laney, smirking slightly when she made eye-contact with him. She looked down at her notes quickly, cursing whatever god was out there, because the boy must have taken it as an invitation to sit.


He didn't speak to her, which she was grateful for, but she couldn't shake the feeling that he was staring at her. 

When she couldn't stand it anymore, she gritted her teeth together before mumbling a very quiet "what?". She heard movement next to her, and she refused to look at him, refused to give in.


The bell rang, and Laney knew the boy was never going to answer her in the first place, so she packed her things up quickly, and when she slid behind the boy's chair to get passed him, she took a quick breath as she felt his fingers reach out for her hand, lightly squeezing before letting it drop.


Laney said goodbye to Mrs. Hemmings quietly, welcoming her into the school (because it was polite and maybe because she was required to because of student council), and when she walked out of the room, she brought her hand up, opening the slip of paper that the blonde boy had slid into her hand.


You're really cute when you're angry xx


Laney couldn't throw the scrap of paper away fast enough.


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