the 1D games

melody has been reaped for the hunger games in order to save her sister blaire. niall is the baker boy that was chosen. melodys best friend harry is the guy that she thinks she loves, but will the games change all of that???..........


1. hello ;)

Hey guys! well here we are again and this time in the memory of mocking jay being released last week I've decided to rewrite the hunger games series as a 1D fanfic so yeah...... 


niall is going to be peeta, harry is gale, perrie is effie, luke from 5sos is haymitch ,liam is caesar louis is going to be cinna and last but not least zayn will be president snow. ill add the rest of the characters in as i write the second and third book so yeah. if you have any suggestions of who should be what character please comment down below it means a lot! happy 1D games and may the odds be ever in your favour (see what i did there) Xx

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