me,myself & i

Cleo is a 13 year old tomboy who is very shy and doesn't have much friends. She sometimes feels as if she's alone and that no one really understands her as they don't give her the time of day. Extracts from Cleo's diary and scenes that occurred in her unusual life on a day to day basis(Time reverses back to the scene she flopped)


1. <chapter 1>

Hey! My names Cleo(short for Cliodna but no one really calls me that anymore) I'm writing this diary because currently my life seems very unusual and I'm not sure why. Though maybe writing this all out will help me get things straight.


It happened again! I thought I would be able to catch 'it/them' out, but I failed again. This time we were in history and I was daydreaming (yes I know, nothing new) and miss Peters noticed and asked me to answer a question. My mind was blank, my stomach was empty, my voice was gone and I couldn't seem to find it. It was that time again...the time where I had to speak in front of everyone and I was sure most of them didn't like me. She repeated the question unaware that I had heard her the first time. I stuttered and in a panic I blurted out nonsense that had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Everyone laughed, they stared at me in confusion, they turned to their friends and whispered. Why was I making this so hard for myself? All I had to do was answer a simple question.Then it happened....

~"Lets see who shall I pick on next?..hmm...Cleo. Who were at battle in world war 1?...........Cleo? Who were at battle in world war 1? Miss Peters asked waiting for a response.

"Umm....k-king Henry had 6 w-w-wives" Cleo replied slowing down at the end because she realised what she had just said.

(The class roared in laughter, looking confused as to why she gave this response when she clearly knew the answer)

"Class settle down! Be quiet! Now Cleo is obviously just trying to be the class clown" she raised her eyebrow in disappointment." Right I think we need to do a bit more revisingggggggggggggg" Miss Peters told the class as she was spinning around the room.

That's when it happened! It was like all her words along with her were being spun around the room and so was everyone else...everyone but me. I didn't even understand what to do or what was going on. I was so confused and then..........we were back in the classroom and Miss Peters was asking me that same question. Everyone looked exactly as they were before, nothing was different, nothing had changed I just didn't know what to say.......

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