Reform School for Bad Girls

Adalyn Peters was sent to an all girls reform school and by trying to prank the principle of the school she comes across 4 boys in a classical band....

But are they really going to help the girls become good girls?


6. We're theirs for tonight

Adalyn's POV


It was an average day, Jenna and I running through the halls of the reform school skipping class. 

"Well well if it isn't Adalyn and Jenna." Mrs.Amy said from behind us. 


I looked at Jenna whom was cussing under her breathe. 

"Come on ladies, we're going to Mr.Dickson's office." Mrs.Amy said bluntly. 

As we made it to the office Mrs.Amy slung the door open and reviled the four boys and the tired looking hag. 

"What seems to be the problem?" Mr.Dickson asked. I just groaned. Jenna shrugged. 

"They were skipping again. Mr.Dickson it's becoming a habit." I glared at Mrs.Amy and noticed the four guys laughing. 

Mr.Dickson sighed and then a smirk appeared across his face. 
"Well I'm sure that these four gentlemen will make sure you don't skip anymore classes and or events." 

Jenna face palmed and glared at Mr.Dickson. 

"Oh, it'd be an honor." Michael said winking at me. 

"Great, now we're throwing a huge Christmas party tonight. So lads, make sure these ladies attend." 

With that the four boys bolted up from their seats and came rushing at Jenna and I. "Yes, sir."

Jenna and I got pushed out of the room by the guys and I ended up falling on my knees. "Adalyn stop being so clumsy. " Michael teased. 

I glared at him."Shut up."

"So about the party, yeah you two aren't going." Ashton stated. Jenna looked at Ashton with confusion. 

"Isn't that your job now, to make sure we go." I said as I stood back up. 

"Ugh, yea but what's the fun of that. Lets sneak out of this place for the night." Luke said leaning against the wall.

Jenna shrugged and nodded her head. "I'm okay with that."

"Okay boys we got one. Now Adalyn what do you say?" Calum asked poking my cheek. 

I stayed silent for a moment and nodded my head. "Sure why not, but how are we leaving without getting caught?" 

"Call our manager duh." Michael said pulling out his phone. I glanced at Jenna and sent her a worried look. 

"Okay let's sneak out the back." Ashton said grabbing Jenna's hand and Luke grabbing mine whilst Michael and Calum followed behind. 
"How was that even possible?" I asked with the hugest smiled planted on my face. 

"Because we're ninjas." Michael proudly stated. I chuckled at his remark. 

"Aw so cute." I said sarcastically. 

"Where to first? We have all night." Calum said wrapping his arms around Jenna. 

"How bout we go to a casino." Ashton said seriously. 

Jenna and I bursted into laughter. 

"Yes, let's go gamble." Luke shouted. I rolled my eyes and began to laugh again. 

"Ladies your ours for tonight." Michael said with a smirk. 

Hope you liked the chapter.




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