Reform School for Bad Girls

Adalyn Peters was sent to an all girls reform school and by trying to prank the principle of the school she comes across 4 boys in a classical band....

But are they really going to help the girls become good girls?


4. Truth or Dare

"Okay, so who's first?" I asked. 

  Everyone went silent and looked at one another. 


  "I think that you should go first, you know since you brought it up." Jenna said smiling at me. 

  I sighed then agreed. "Um.. Michael truth or dare?"  

"Truth." He said with a smirk. 

  "How old are you?"   

"19, Luke truth or dare?" Michael asked glancing at Luke. 

  "Truth." He said quickly.   

"Dare it is!" Michael protested.   

"Ugh fine."  

"I dare you to take off your pants."

  Everyone bursted out into laughter other than Luke who just rolled his eyes.   

"Come on Michael, we aren't in third year anymore. Your going to have to step up your game, lad." Luke spoke smoothly as he took off his black ripped skinny jeans.

    "Jenna truth or dare." Luke said with a cheesy smiled on his face.   

"Truth. No dare." I giggled as I sat up in a more comfortable manner.

    "I dare you to.....lie down on the concrete and have Calum and Ashton sit on you for this entire round." I bursted into laughter as well as Michael. Jenna didn't seem to happy about the dare.   

"Ugh I hate you guys already." Jenna said lying on her back waiting for the two guys to sit on her. 

  Calum stood up and sat on Jenna's stomach."Oh wow, this is quite comfortable if you ask me."  

 Ashton then sat on Jenna's legs. "Boys I got the best seat in the house."  

I smiled. 

  "Obviously Jenna can't speak so Alice truth or dare?" Calum asked whilst patting Jenna's head.   

"I don't know, I'm kinda of scared.. You guys seem creative." I hesitated.   

"Come on Adalyn... Truth or dare?" Michael pleaded.   

"Dare." I hesitated a bit, putting my head in my hands. 

  "Okay I dare you to put your hands in the back pockets of Michaels jeans until he gets a dare." Calum said with a smirk. 

  Michael stared at me and winked. I stood up and headed over to Michael. 

  "Don't be scared, love." Michael whispered in my ear before I got behind him.

    I slid both of my hands in the back pockets of his black ripped skinny jeans. 

  "Awe Addey how cute." Jenna teased. "Thought you would at least take him on a date first."

  I rolled my eyes. "Ashton truth or dare?"  


"I dare you to imitate someone on the roof right now." I smirked.

    "Oh okay this will be fun.... Oh Mr.Dickson Addey has bad diarrhea!" Ashton said in girly voice. Is he really mocking Jenna.

    "REALLY ASHTON!" Jenna said standing up.   

"Okay, okay I think this game of truth and dare is over. Luke put your pants on!" I shouted.   

"Can you keep your hands there?" Michael asked. 

  "Haha, no." I said removing my hands from his pockets. 


  I don't know if having four guys here is a good idea. I mean they're a good distraction but I feel like it's going to be too much to handle. It's already bad enough of what happened last time I've been with guys. 

  "So I have a question for the both of you." Calum spoke up. I turned around to face him. His coco brown eyes looking directly into my eyes. "Why are you two even here?"

  "That's kind of a touchy subject." Jenna spoke up.   

"You don't have to answer it it's just a question." Michael said putting his arm around her shoulder.   

"I punched a teacher and a few students at my old school." Jenna chuckled.  

Michael then took his arm away from her. "Why?"  

"They were judging me and one of my best friends, and they wouldn't stop so I defended myself as well as my friend." Jenna softly spoke.

    "What about you, Adalyn?" Luke asked. 

  "I got framed by my ex boyfriend. He damaged my last school pretty bad with a few of my friends and they blamed it on me. So to be honest I really shouldn't even be here, but I'm glad I am because I met my best friend here." I said hugging Jenna. 

  "Do they know that you've been framed?" Ashton asked.

    "I've told the cops before I came here but I didn't even bother telling that old hag. You guys can't tell him or Mrs.Amy. I'm serious." I said sternly.   

The boys agreed and we all sat at the edge of the roof admiring the sun set.    


Thanks for being patient...tell me what you think..sorry if you didn't like it...I promise it's going to get really good soon.. LOVE YOU ALL



Any requests for the next chapter....   

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