Reform School for Bad Girls

Adalyn Peters was sent to an all girls reform school and by trying to prank the principle of the school she comes across 4 boys in a classical band....

But are they really going to help the girls become good girls?


1. prologue

Hey I'm Adalyn Peters and I was sent to a All Girls Reform School. Even though I'm not much of a bad girl,but I'm not much of a good girl either. I have long brown hair with blonde tips, and i also have hazel eyes. 






Why was I even here?

 I have done nothing wrong.

  Is it a crime to make all A's?!

  "Hello welcome to the Reform School for Girls." The receptionist said standing up with the biggest smile planted in her face. 

  "Um.....hi." I said awkwardly. I just don't understand why I'm here. I've done nothing wrong.   

"I'm Mrs.Amy, it's great to have you. If you could give me your name that would be great." She said shaking my hand. 

  "Adalyn Peters." I smiled as I looked around the room.

  "Well Adalyn, change into these clothes then come back and we'll take it from there." Mrs.Amy said handing me a pile of clothes guiding me to a powder room.


    I slipped out of my old clothes and put on the outfit they gave me. Which had been a knee length white dress with a bow on the back. A pair of white flats. And a hair bow to finish it off. 

  I walked back out holding my old black skinny jeans, blink-182 shirt, and red toms. 

  "Okay if you can give me those clothes." Mrs.Amy said taking the clothes out of my hands and tossing them in the trash.   

She did not just throw away my clothes!

  "Um..Mrs.Amy was that necessary?" I asked still shocked of what she just did. 

  "Well, Ms.Peters those clothes were a disgrace to this school."  

"Why am I even here?" I asked in a louder tone. 

  "We're here to make you improve on being a Good Girl." She stated.    "Improve?"

  "Mr.Dickson will tell you the rest, just follow me."Mrs.Amy said dragging me to a office and shutting the door behind her.    "Hello Ms.Peters it's great to finally meet you. I'm Mr.Dickson the principle of this great reform school." 

  "Nice to meet you too." I said awkwardly sitting down. 

  "Okay, we are here to make you known as a Good Girl. We'll teach you manners, proper speech, and to enjoy classical music."


  Classical music? Manners? Proper speech?   

                     KILL ME NOW.   

"You're going to have a blast here with the girls." He said standing up waiting for me to shake his hand.   

"I bet." I said sarcastically shaking his hand. 

  As soon as he gave me a sly smile I saw a group of girls banged on his office windows. 

  I jumped up and looked at the girls. They looked pissed.

  "If you can excuse me. I need to talk to these ladies, but Mrs.Amy will take you to your room." Mr.Dickson sighed.





. * 2 months later *  


"Hey Adalyn, come here we got the best prank ever." My friend Jenna whispered to me. 

  "Oh god, what is it?" I chuckled quietly. 

  "Staple Mr.Dickson to his chair." She said patting me on the head.      "Can I do the honors?" I asked tugging on her dress.

  "Of course." Jenna said grabbing a group of girls and told them our plan.   

Once they all agreed Jenna snuck the stapler off the Mrs.Amy's desk.

    "Okay it's your time to shine." Jenna said as she have me a tight hug. All the girls wished me luck and now I was standing outside of the office door.


    I swung the door open and saw four guys talking with Mr.Dickson.

    "Adalyn Peters?" Mr.Dickson asked. 

  " your stapler." I stuttered as I tossed him the stapler. The boys gave me weird looks and I ran out and slammed the door shut.  


  "What happened?!" Jenna screamed. 


  "There are boys here."   




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