Reform School for Bad Girls

Adalyn Peters was sent to an all girls reform school and by trying to prank the principle of the school she comes across 4 boys in a classical band....

But are they really going to help the girls become good girls?


5. Idea?

Adalyn's POV:


Jenna and I were still sitting on the roof, the guys left about ten minutes ago.

"Addey, you know today was the first day I felt like I wasn't in this reform school." Jenna said having her knees to her chest.

I gave her a soft smile and pulled her into a hug. Jenna's been here for a year and honestly I feel sorry for her because this place only makes you worse.

"Im glad that those guys are here, believe it or not." Jenna said loosened the hug.

"We should probably head back down before they notice we're missing." I said as I stood up letting the cool winter breeze rush through my hair.





* Next Day*

"Ugh, Mrs.Kim this is honestly impossible!" I complained as I tried to balance a book on my head.

"Ms.Peters I can assure you that this isn't impossible." Mrs.Kim said bluntly and snatched the book off my head. "I'll have some assistants help me."

Before I knew it Mrs.Kim came back over to me with a tall figured person.

"Ashton?" I asked.

"Adalyn, I see your having book problems." Ashton chuckled placing the book on my head.

I rolled my eyes then noticed more than half the girls were looking at Ashton and I.

"I think I--" I tried to finish before the book fell off my head landing on Ashton's foot.

"Oww." Ashton screeched in pain. I bent down to the floor and comforted Ashton. Then he started laughing.

"What the fuck?! I thought you were hurt." I said pissed standing back up and crossing my arms.

'Adalyn this book probably weighs like two pounds, i'm a twenty year old, I think I can handle a book being dropped on my foot." Ashton said standing up and placing the book on my head once more.

Mrs.Kim dismissed us all and a rushed out of the room. At this moment we had free time which lasts for about a hour or two.

I was walking fastly back to my room once I opened and closed the door I saw five bodies sitting around.

"Wha--" I tried to say before Jenna interrupted me.

"They forced me to tell them where your room was. So here we are all just sitting here." Jenna sighed then laid down on the bed.

"So you boys been here for what two days and your going to go ahead and take over my personal space?" I asked sarcastically. Michael and Calum gave each other a look.

"Addey I believe you passed my personal space when you were touching my ass." Michael said walking over to me.

"That was a dare tho." I said whilst biting my lower lip.

"Nice excuse." Michael whispered in my ear leaving goose bumps on my neck.

I waked over to the tiny window that had shown a tiny peak of the front of the Reform School.

"Is this what you girls do all day? Go to a few classes, walk, and look out windows." Luke asked chuckling.

"There's nothing better to do.. it's not like we're leaving anytime soon." Jenna Mumbled.

"But you don't have to be here." Ashton complained.

'Ashton I don't think you get the entire point of a 'Reform School', you don't have fun its like rehab." I stated, turning back towards them.

"Okay, boys I think maybe we should go and do that thing we were talking about earlier today." Calum winked at Luke who then walked over to the door. Before I knew it me and Jenna were alone.

"Um, Jenna do you have any idea what they're going to do?" I asked a bit scared of her reaction.

Jenna shook her head, no.

Knowing them it probably isn't a good idea.




~~Thanks for waiting.. this chapter might not be too good but it's like 1am here so my apologizes...

give me some cool ideas for the next chapter..

what do you think their idea is?


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