Reform School for Bad Girls

Adalyn Peters was sent to an all girls reform school and by trying to prank the principle of the school she comes across 4 boys in a classical band....

But are they really going to help the girls become good girls?


7. Casino

Hey, how are you??

Are you ready to read??


Adalyn's POV


I gulped when we arrived at the casino. Jenna nudged me to get out. I finally stepped out of the car. I suddenly felt an arm wrap around my shoulder. I looked over to see Luke.

"You'll have fun trust me." He spoke, I smiled at his comment and nodded.

We walked up to the huge glass double doors and stood in front of the large security guard.

"These two beautiful ladies are here with us." Ashton said as he presented us. He nodded his head and let us in. I directly walked over to the sofa. I'm not a people person.

After twenty minutes of fiddling with my thumbs I felt a hand touch my upper thigh. I looked beside me to see Michael.

"Why are you over here, love?" Michael asked with a look of concern.

"I never done these type of things before.. you know have fun." 

"Hey, Adalyn look at me." I softly pressed my cheek and tilted my face to see him. "We're going to get you out of that hell hole soon. I promise, but just live for tonight. Don't think about the reform school, or Mr.Dickson. Just think about us."

With that Michael stood up and held his hand out for me. I grabbed ahold of it and Michael and I walked to the dance floor. As we walked to the center I saw Calum who was all over Jenna. I flinched at the sight until Michael turned me around.

"Let's dance babe." I smiled.

After what seemed like hours we finally made it to the bar. Michael ordered us both a shot of whiskey. Once the bartender came back with our drinks Michael chugged it down. I spun the glass around slowly wondering if this was the best decision.

"Adalyn come on, it's a great drink." With that I drank the substance in the glass.




I opened my eyes to see a man standing in front of me.

"You need to get out. The casino is closed." I sat up and bit my lower lip.

"Was there any other people here?" I asked wanting to know where Jenna, and the boys were.

"No there wasn't. Now I need you to leave right now." With that I walked out of the casino wondering where the hell I was suppose to go.

As I walked through the doors I was met with hazel eyes, Ashton. He hugged me ever so tightly.

"Sorry they kicked us out last night, and we couldn't find you." Ashton spoke softly. I got out of his grip and stumbled over to Jenna who looked like she was half dead.

"Jen I don't want to go back." Jen looked at me and hugged me tightly.

"I know you don't but we have to."

"No you don't I have I better idea." Calum said whilst he flashed us a smirk.


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