every thing i didn't say

i stare out my rain covered window taking in what i can of rhode island as we drive to the air port my parents are sending me to go live with my uncle paul but we won't be in one place for long my mum said i don't know why but i just said okay


5. six weeks sense you've been away

jessica's POV

its been six weeks sense i left and well calum and i haven't talked once sense then. I've been crying a lot but kat has been there the whole time telling me everything will be okay. and it will be i just have to get over calum, no we didn't break up but i can feel that it just wasn't meant to be but oh well i guess. just incase your wondering i dyed my hair purple and i got a lip piercing (a/n i can't remember if she had piercings so sorry) and i changed my appearance a bit but not really i just wear black skinny jeans band shirts vans and bracelets. me and kat went out to the mall to go shopping we want to get some new band shirts and bracelets so we went to hot topic while we were in there they had a few 5sos stuff i just ignored it and went to the things i wanted i heard a girl scream so i looked up and saw the boys in the front of the store i looked around for kat but i couldn't see her "kat" i yelled "jess" she yelled back running over to me "kat their here in the front of the store" i said she looked over to them and saw them she nodded "ill handle this you'll know when you should leave" she said and cracked her knuckles she ran over to them "omg i really need your guys help in the back of the store a shelf fell on my friend and she's stuck" she yelled fake crying and panicking i smiled they all ran towards the back "kat come on" i yelled and grabbed her hand and we ran "jessica" calum yelled out i froze i turned around and saw him "sorry i think you have the wrong person sorry mate" i said and walked out of the store with kat "wow you did pretty good" kat said "yeah lets just go home we can come back another day" i said she nodded and we took the bus back home when we got home we watched tv then ordered pizza. while we were eating i got a phone call i didn't bother checking the caller ID "this is jessica how may i help you" i said "hey jessica" ..........calum said "what do you want?" i asked in a hushed tone "i want to see you" he said "no calum you can't everything has changed okay. you think you can just ignore me for six weeks then just show up out of the blue and say oh i missed you thats not how it works" i said and hung up, kat got up and hugged me, but surprisingly i didn't cry i just hugged her back. about a half an hour later there was a knock at the door "coming" i yelled by now i was in my pajamas which consists of a form fitting tank top and shorts i opened the door and there stood calum "what are you doing here?" i asked "I'm here to talk to you" he slurred "calum are you drunk?" i asked "yep and nice pjs" he said and giggled i groaned and pulled him inside and sat him on the couch "stay here don't move" i said he nodded i went in the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and some Advil and walked back in the living room where there was a sleeping calum i sighed and set the glass down on the coffee table and gently lifted his head up and sat down and put his head on my lap. i covered him up with a blanket and played with his hair until i fell asleep. i woke up to calum tossing and turning in his sleep i squinted so i could see the clock it was 3 am "no please don't leave me... i love you. no come back" he kept saying that in his sleep  "calum its ok I'm not going anywhere"i said and put my hand on his chest and played with his hair with my other hand. after a while he finally calmed down and i fell back to sleep i woke up again to calum losing a turning "no jessica please... don't do it.... I'm in love with you" he said as he curled up in a ball and started crying in his sleep "calum wake up" i said he stretched out and still had his head on my lap and he as laying on his back "calum babe wake up please" i said and kissed him on his forehead he groaned "calum please" i said playing with his hair he groaned i stopped playing with his hair he groaned again "no keep playing with my hair" he said i smiled and sighed and continued to playing with his hair "calum can you at least take this advil and drink the glass of water but sit up slowly" i said he groaned but nodded he did as told then laid back down and i continued to play with his hair and hum a song i had stuck in my head "hey thats one of our songs" he said "really whats the name i can't remember its just stuck in my head" i said "gotta get out" he said "ah its a good song" i said "thanks" he said his eyes still closed just a few seconds later a very tiered kat came down the stairs "morning jess" she yawned "morning kit kat" i giggled she giggled to calum turned and laid on his stomach "stop moving around geez" i said jokingly "who's there?" kat asked "uh" i said she walked over "oh no uh uh this is not happening" she said "you get up off my couch and away from my sister" she said "kat its ok he came here drunk last night and i took him in and took care of him" i said "Wait seriously?" kat asked i nodded "plus i think calum fell back asleep again" i said smiling down at the now slightly snoring calum "what ever I'm letting this slide because i ship you guys" she said walking away and into the kitchen i giggled and shook my head i watched tv and played with calms hair then there was a knock on the door (a/n just saying kat and jessica basically wear the same thing to bed ;)) "kat can you get that I'm kind of held down here" i said she giggled and ran over to the door and opened it "is calum here?" michael asked not looking up from the ground "uh who are you?" kat asked "hey your that girl from the store" he said "yeah he's here michael" i called to them "oh hey jessica" he said walking over and he saw calum "well look what we have here" he said smirking "yeah shut up" i said looking down at calum i stopped playing with his hair and he groaned "nooo" he whined and grabbed my hand and out it on his head michael chuckled "michael go away" he said "calum its noon get up" i said "fine" he said and sat up "thank you" i said and laid down putting my head on his lap he chuckled and started to play with my hair i lifted up my feet "michael sit down" i said he laughed and sat down and i put my feet on him kat walked in and sat on my stomach me and her giggled "how you doin there kat" i said "pretty good but I'm tired" she said and yawned then i yawned at the same time as michael then calum yawned we all laughed "tell me about it I'm so tired i had to make sure a drunk calum didn't fall off the couch" i said giggling a little "he kept tossing and turning in his sleep" i said "yeah i guess i had a bad dream" he said still playing with my hair kat got up off of me and went on the love seat "jess come over here so i can use you as a pillow" kat said "no" i whined michael and calum chuckled "foot pillow you go" i said he chuckled and got up and they ended up cuddling and so did me and calum and i guess we all fell sleep cause i woke up to luke and ashton taking pictures of us all cuddling as luke took another picture of me and calum i flipped him off "fuck off lucas" i grumbled and buried my face in calum's chest and he pulled me closer and i heard luke take another picture "lucas stop!!" i groaned "send that to me" calum said "me too" i giggled. after a while of cuddling and catching up with the boys we went out for pizza and ice cream. then we went and watched movies me and calum just sat in the way back being that annoying couple everyone hates yup we were making out. 
hey guys sorry this is so short but its sorta just a filler i guess um yeah k so I'm gonna be putting the date i updated so i can know and yeah so today is 1/12/15 :) love you all xoxo ~jessica

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